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Tel Aviv · Full-time

About The Position

Aidoc is the market leader in Healthcare AI. We deliver the most widely used portfolio of AI solutions to help physicians prioritize life threatening cases and improve patient outcomes. Aidoc’s solutions are in use in over 1000 hospitals including the leading health systems in the US. Aidoc is funded by top VCs, having raised more than $250 million to date, and was chosen as one of TIME’s 50 most genius companies. 

In the next three years, Aidoc plans to expand its solutions to thousands of medical centers and radiology practices. Our vision is to bring the value of AI to every patient and every hospital while continuously increasing the value we create.

About this role

We are looking for a dynamic incident manager to join our Technical Operations department. In this role, you'll be in charge of leading the incident management process to resolution and restoring our company's operations swiftly. You will also log and categorize recurring incidents to improve incident management protocols.

To be a successful incident manager, you should have an aptitude for picking up new technologies and procedures. Ultimately, an outstanding incident manager should excel at multitasking and remain judicious during major incidents.


  • Overseeing the incident management process and team members involved in resolving the incident
  • Responding to a reported service incident, identifying the cause, and initiating the incident management process
  • Prioritizing incidents according to their urgency and influence on the business
  • Collaborating with the all relevant teams to ensure that all protocols are diligently followed
  • Logging all incidents and their resolution to see if there are recurring malfunctions
  • Adjusting the incident management process as required to ensure its effectiveness
  • Communicating with upper management if major issues are found


  • At least 3 years experience working in Technical Operations/IT/Support management, or a similar role.
  • Strong knowledge of IT service management software including ITIL 
  • Experience working with IT systems and software such as, Zendesk, Pager Duty, Monitoring tools
  • Solid knowledge SQL
  • Excellent managerial skills and ability to collaborate with team members
  • Ability to analyze a high volume of technical data and work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong problem solving, analytical, and time management skills.

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