AI deployment is not an event. It’s a process.

Implemented across 1000+ sites, our process is flexible and customized to your needs, focused on respecting the time of your physicians and IT teams. Yet it’s largely repeatable, making deployment fast and seamless. Embedded deep into existing workflows, our AI solutions are designed to become an immediate part of physician work streams and break down silos, saving time and returning focus to patients.

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Kick off scoping & planning

Meet your dedicated Onboarding Manager and Customer Success Manager who will create a plan tailored specifically to your needs and get AI up and running as soon as possible.

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Discover, integrate and learn

Create a baseline of your current state and work with the Aidoc team on implementing and customizing solutions to meet your goals and your workflow all while learning how to get the most value out of AI in your organization.

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Congratulations! AI is now part of your clinical workflow, and you see its impact on a daily basis.

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Review and Expand

Meet your Customer Success Manager for scheduled progress reviews and Quarterly Business Reviews to learn more about the performance, engagement and impact of using Aidoc. Use this information to align on best practices and set new goals while optimizing for future growth.

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Deriving Value from AI Technology, Fast.

Every hospital is unique. That’s why each step in our process, from discovery to implementation to ongoing monitoring and customer success, is designed to ensure our solutions are customized and used to create meaningful impact on your organization while using minimal hospital resources.

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AI Experts at Your Side

AI deployment is not an event. It’s a process. Our success team is at the heart of making AI work for your hospital.

Ready to Make AI Work for You?

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Max Rosen headshot
Dr. Max Rosen
Chair of Radiology, UMass Memorial
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Dr. Eric Gray
Radiologist, UCSD
Dr. Max Rosen
Chair of Radiology, UMass Memorial
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“Our IT group was really impressed by the Aidoc team. The build and the integration and implementation were really the most seamless IT thing that we’ve done. And there was just really good communication between the Aidoc group and our IT team.”

Dr. Eric Gray
Radiologist, UCSD
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“Aidoc is a very intuitive program that you can pretty much learn how to use right away. Most radiologists will find it easy to use within a day, and the fact that it runs seamlessly in the background is great.”