Evidence shows that healthcare systems with implemented AI solutions can expect a 3-5x1 return on investment, so it’s not surprising that 93% of health leaders see it as essential to facility strategy.2 Yet not all AI is the same. Significant gaps exist within a crowded AI marketplace, and there is growing recognition that facilities need an enterprise-wide medical AI platform rather than a one-off solution to fully realize AI’s potential.

Since 2016, Aidoc has married our AI engineering ability with evolving clinical workflow and infrastructure requirements to develop the first true end-to-end AI platform for healthcare that provides actual, live and immediate value to both health systems and patients on day one.

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The Aidoc Difference

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Always On

Fully automated 24/7 monitoring and analysis that works in real-time

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A single platform that integrates within native workflow and IT infrastructure

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Purpose built to coordinate and deploy algorithms and applications across systems

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More than 100 studies documenting Aidoc’s accuracy and ROI potential

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Compliant with security and privacy regulations and standards and live in more than 1,000 medical centers

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Two-thirds Aidoc employees are in AI development

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The Aidoc aiOS™ Makes AI Adoption Easy

The only way for a facility to optimize its AI investment is with a unified artificial intelligence operating system that fits within an existing IT stack, runs effectively in any clinical setting and orchestrates numerous AI applications at once. With this in mind, Aidoc’s aiOS™ overcomes challenges common to AI implementation to elevate your AI solution into an enterprise-level technology innovation.

Always On AI Care Coordination

Aidoc Care Coordination provides multidisciplinary care teams always on, real-time notification of time-sensitive cases with image and data sharing capability between desktop and mobile workflows. Powered by the aiOS™, it seamlessly integrates EHR data and scheduling systems to expedite and simplify clinical decision-making.

Huge Impact With Minimal Disruption

Aidoc is custom configured for your hospital and integrated into existing systems with minimal effort from your IT team all with an implementation time of only two to three weeks.

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Scalable and Strategic

We work with vetted third-party algorithm developers as well as original equipment manufacturers to offer the most comprehensive and easily integrated platform in the industry.

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