Streamline Your Aortic Care.

Deliver timely and actionable AI-powered insights to coordinate care for aortic dissection and longitudinally manage subacute aortic aneurysm from a single clinical interface

Dealing promptly with aortic conditions before they worsen – potentially causing ruptures or dissections – saves lives. Clinical collaboration, timely access to imaging, accurate measurements and swift interhospital transfers are critical to the diagnosis and management of these diseases.1 

With algorithms that offer early identification of suspected findings, care coordination and patient management tools, artificial intelligence can revolutionize the way aortic care is provided in your health system while helping clinicians adhere to American College of Cardiology guidelines for shared decision-making and follow-up adherence.1

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Up to 84% may not have repeat abdominal imaging within recommended timeframe.2

Aortic Dissection

40% of dissection or rupture patients die immediately. The risk of death increases by 3-4% every hour the condition is left untreated.3

Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm

With a 90% mortality rate at rupture, these often grow asymptomatically and are discovered incidentally.4,5

Two doctors looking at imaging

The Most Comprehensive AI-Enhanced Aortic Solution

Powered by Aidoc’s proprietary operating system, the aiOS™,  our Aortic Solution connects all triage, notification, care coordination and patient management tools into a single platform that helps identify, coordinate care and ensure follow up management of aortic pathologies.

Aidoc aiOS™

Always on clinical AI operating system that ensures seamless integration into existing systems and tools – including EHR, PACS, scheduling, reports, desktop and mobile workflows – while providing a single user interface. The aiOS™ provides a platform to structure and organize image data, centralize and coordinate algorithms based on anatomy, monitor and measure data and facilitate cross-department collaboration, ensuring stable AI performance over time. 

Aidoc aiOS chip

Triage and Notification Algorithms

Worklist and PACS-agnostic image-based algorithms for triage of aortic dissection and abdominal aortic measurements. 

Aortic Care Coordination

Mobile notification* to multidisciplinary specialists on all relevant acute aortic cases that allows for on-the-go high-fidelity image review with deep EHR connectivity. Hub and spoke teams can prioritize patients in need of surgical consultation, leading to increased efficiency, additional DRG potential and improved patient outcomes.

*Mobile platform is not intended for diagnostic purposes, reports on aortic anurysms are report-based.

Aortic Aneurysm care coordination includes report-based mobile alerts, image viewer, EHR integration and cross-department chat.

Aortic Dissection care coordination includes mobile alerts, imager viewer, Code Aorta Activation, EHR integration and cross-department chat.

Aortic Aneurysm Patient Management

Go beyond AA identification with actionable insights and tools for ongoing patient management in your existing workflow ensuring smooth follow-up scheduling, minimizing administrative burdens and maximizing efficiency for long-term monitoring.

  • Comprehensive: Fully integrated into EHRs and radiology reports, Aidoc’s proprietary text-based AI curates a list of patients with confirmed aortic aneurysms into a user-friendly, centralized hub
  • Clear: User-friendly, intuitive interface and growth curve visualization allows you to grasp the nuances of each patient at a glance
  • Connected: Aidoc seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, automatically flagging all aneurysm findings into reports and populating worklists with actionable insights.

Dr. James McKinsey

System Chief for Aortic Intervention at Mount Sinai Healthcare System and Surgical Director of the Jacobson Aortic Center
System Chief for Aortic Intervention at Mount Sinai Healthcare System and Surgical Director of the Jacobson Aortic Center

Dr. James McKinsey

“It’s important for surgeons to have the best available tools to quickly identify and treat acute aorta patients. Aidoc’s acute aorta solution assesses every scan for acute aortic dissection and triages the positive cases, enables efficient communication and expedites workflows so specialists can collaborate for multidisciplinary decision-making to optimize timely care.”

Dr. Edouard Aboian

Assistant Professor of Surgery (Vascular) at Yale Medicine
Assistant Professor of Surgery (Vascular) at Yale Medicine

Dr. Edouard Aboian

“Because the software is running in the background of all CT scans, it will identify the pathology immediately after the scan is complete. In our experience Aidoc identifies the pathologies…sooner than a radiologist can potentially see the images. By seeing it in real-time, I can activate the team much sooner.”

AI-Equipped Teams = Accelerated Patient Care

Aidoc’s Aortic Solutions include automatic alerts on suspected findings, fast and convenient access to mobile images, customizable, auto-populated EHR data templates, and a HIPAA-compliant chat feature. Armed with these tools, care teams can:

  • Detect and identify aortic patients faster, prioritizing the most urgent cases
  • Expedite intervention to optimize treatment
  • Decrease length of stay by facilitating more advanced therapy and helping to prevent disease progression
  • Standardize measurements to streamline suspected findings
  • Initiate follow-up and ongoing care of patients 
  • Improve transfer rates and follow-ups to prevent patient leakage and optimize health system revenue