The Next Generation of Neuro AI and Care Coordination

Aidoc’s next generation aiOS™ provides a full platform paired with high performing AI comprehensive stroke, hemorrhage and aneurysm care solutions with always on AI to optimize workflows across the entire care team with radiology driven workflow.

Diagnosing and treating neurological conditions requires precise and accurate care. Aidoc transforms neuro workflows by reviewing all imaging and flagging suspected positive findings to help cross-specialty physicians develop timely, relevant treatment plans. Aidoc’s clinical AI platform leverages confirmed findings from radiology reports to reduce alert fatigue.

  • Ischemic Stroke (Anterior and Posterior LVO and MeVO)
  • CTP
  • Brain Aneurysms
  • Intracranial Hemorrhages
  • C-Spine Fractures
  • Vertebral Compression Fractures

Next Generation Stroke AI Doubles Patient Impact

  • The only healthcare AI company with FDA clearance to flag both large and medium vessel occlusions. Patients with distal or posterior occlusions now have a better chance of being flagged in a timely manner at both hub and spokes.
  • Deep integration within the workflows of the entire care team with specialized solutions for radiology and specialty teams.
Full Brain AI Posterior, Anterior and Distal
 Single Vessel AI ICA to M1 Only
Brian Mason, MD

“With Aidoc’s Full Brain Solution, we can now broaden these advancements to benefit a significantly larger patient population, leading to improved care and ultimately better patient outcomes.”

BRIAN MASON, MD Senior NeuroEndovascular Surgeon and Associate Professor, Carle Foundation

AI Algorithms Can Run on All Imaging*

Algorithms Run:
Brain Aneurysm,
LVO and MeVO, C-Spine,
PE and Rib Fracture

Study Protocol:

Protocol Based AI

Specific algorithms run only on specific protocols

Algorithms Run:
Brain Aneurysm

*Protocol may vary in accordance with algorithm Indications for Use.

Brain Aneurysm Patient Management

Go beyond BA identification with actionable insights and tools for ongoing patient management in your existing workflow ensuring smooth follow-up scheduling, minimizing administrative burdens and maximizing efficiency for long-term monitoring.

  • Comprehensive: Fully integrated into EHRs and radiology reports, Aidoc’s proprietary text-based AI curates a list of patients with confirmed aortic aneurysms into a user-friendly, centralized hub
  • Clear: User-friendly, intuitive interface and growth curve visualization allows you to grasp the nuances of each patient at a glance
  • Connected: Aidoc seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, automatically flagging all aneurysm findings into reports and populating worklists with actionable insights.

How Does Aidoc Work?

Proven in Clinical Settings

AI-driven automatic patient identification for clinical trial enrollment.

It all starts with AI

Aidoc’s aiOS™ seamlessly integrates AI algorithms into customizable clinical workflows, connecting care providers from neurology with various teams and specialty practitioners so they can collaborate, act quickly, treat efficiently and improve patient outcomes.

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*The Patient Management Aneurysm Solution is deeply integrated with in-basket messaging to PCP’s or other providers, scheduling and reviewing patient information from the EHR.