Timely, Accurate and Interconnected Neuro Solutions

Aidoc facilitates rapid triage and communication for patients in need

Diagnosing and treating neurological conditions requires precise and accurate care driven by the highest level of technological innovation. Aidoc transforms neuro workflows throughout the practice with a single point of integration. From flagging suspected positive findings to helping cross-specialty physicians develop timely, relevant treatment plans, Aidoc’s enterprise platform helps streamline workflows across the patient care continuum.

  • Ischemic Stroke  (LVO and MeVO)
  • Brain Aneurysms
  • Intracranial Hemorrhages
  • Suburdal Hemorrhrage 
  • C-Spine Fractures
  • Vertebral Compression Fractures
Ai Imaging on a tablet
Doctor looking at AI imaging
Aidoc Full Brain Solution leverages both image-based and NLP for a better user experience.

Next Generation Stroke AI Doubles Patient Impact

  • The only healthcare AI company with FDA clearance to flag both large and medium vessel occlusions. Patients with distal occlusions now have a better chance of being detected in a timely manner, at both hub and spokes.
  • The only solution to leverage both image-based triage with natural language processing for a better user experience.
  • Deep integration within the workflows of the entire care with specialized solutions for radiology and specialty teams.

Connecting Care Teams Across the Enterprise

The impact of Aidoc’s solutions and workflows are felt across each touchpoint of key neuro team workflows, all driven from a clinically validated platform.. The array of tools include:

Neuro Care Coordination

Mobile first solution utilized by care teams to assess acute findings with access to mobile imaging, EHR data and cross-department chat. Coordinate patient care by connecting the right physicians with the right information at the right time.

Aidoc Patient management dashboard on a desktop computer

Patient Management

Leverages AI to analyze radiology reports and EHR data to automate recommended next best actions to capture patients with specific pathology in a list to prevent patients from being lost to follow up.


Helps triage urgent cases, resulting in more timely notifications to specialists. Findings are validated by a radiologist first to enhance hub-spoke models while preventing unnecessary alerts.

Ai imaging on a IPhone
Aidoc clinical trial boards dashboard on a laptop

Clinical Trial Enrollment

AI-driven automatic patient identification for clinical trial enrollment.

Proven in Clinical Settings

The proof is undeniable – Aidoc’s solutions impact hospitals and medical centers across the country.

Aidoc’s solutions stats for reduced length of stay
Aidoc’s solutions stats for reduced wait times
Aidoc’s solutions stats for prioritized urgent cases

It all starts with AI

Aidoc’s aiOS™ seamlessly integrates AI algorithms into customizable clinical workflows, connecting care providers from neurology with various teams and specialty practitioners so they can collaborate, act quickly, treat efficiently and improve patient outcomes.