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Aidoc’s premiere radiology AI solutions empower radiologists by streamlining workflows and helping prioritize findings.

The escalating demand for imaging services underlines the crucial role radiologists play in steering patient care decisions with a growing need for added support to counter challenges such as staff burnout, resource scarcities and mounting workloads. This situation underscores the necessity for advanced solutions like clinical AI. Aidoc’s technology is designed to integrate into existing clinical workflows, and supports Radiologist decision-making capacity while streamlining administrative tasks.

A scalable radiology platform

The largest portfolio of FDA-cleared algorithms that run on a single platform

A prioritization tool to detect urgent cases faster and reduce turnaround time

Workflow integration capabilities to assist in triaging

Single-point entry into AI for the entire care ecosystem, including third-party platforms

Automatic analyzation of every scan by always-on AI

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Aidoc AI chip

Aidoc’s portfolio of FDA-cleared algorithms

make all the difference

Aidoc’s algorithms run unobtrusively in the background to assist radiologists by flagging suspected positive findings and decreasing the time to treatment. Algorithm performance never falters – thanks to a system that detects and flags clinical variables – so radiologists can improve quality of care by utilizing AI-optimized workflows.

FDA-cleared and CE-marked pathology algorithms include:

Pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary embolism

Radiology Incidental PE

Incidental PE

Acute C Spine Fracture

C-spine fracture

Rib Fracture

Rib fracture

Brain Aneurism

Brain aneurysm

Intracranial Hemmorhage

Intracranial hemorrhage

Aortic Dissection

Aortic dissection

Radiology Pneumothorax


Vessel Occlusion

Vessel occlusion

large vessel occlusion

M1 large vessel occlusion

Intra-abdominal free gas

Intra-abdominal free gas

Malpositioned endotracheal tubes (ETT)

Malpositioned endotracheal tubes (ETT)

Vertebral Compression Fractures

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When time is of the essence,


When it comes to radiology AI, Aidoc offers the most seamless, deeply integrated technology available, streamlining workloads and reducing time to treatment. By removing the need to make separate calls, juggle multiple devices and provide insights from various data sources, radiologists avoid busy work that keeps them from becoming more involved in patient care.

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Aidoc: Innovating radiology workflows from end to end

Aidoc allows busy radiologists to utilize their time efficiently by providing integration capabilities across any and all protocols, PACS, worklists and mobile workflows. Thanks to an effortless unification of Aidoc solutions with existing technology and platforms, radiologists can harness the value of AI without changing their workflows. Users customize their alerts and choose which information to receive, resulting in a solution expertly tailored to suit users’ needs.

As it constantly looks for the expected and the unexpected, always-on AI adds a layer of security, empowering radiologists and improving overall patient outcomes – no extra steps needed.

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Automatically analyze every exam from available data sources

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Select and apply all available AI to the image

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Intelligent, customizable escalation alerts to select clinicians and teams based on hospital requirements

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Exam results and EHR data available on single platform for seamless collaboration

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Enable collective action across service lines immediately

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Closed-loop patient care based on intelligent analysis of diagnosis, follow-up recommendations and scheduling status

It all starts with AI

Aidoc’s aiOS™ seamlessly integrates AI algorithms into customizable clinical workflows, connecting care providers from various teams and specialties so they can collaborate, act quickly, treat efficiently and improve patient outcomes.

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Get it straight from the source

No one is more suited to testify to the performance and reliability of Aidoc’s radiology AI solutions than the clients we’re proud to serve and the patients they care for. Learn firsthand how our technology influences patient outcomes and enhances radiologists’ workflows.