Medical Data Interpreter

Tel Aviv

About The Position

Aidoc is the market leader in Healthcare AI. We deliver the most widely used portfolio of AI solutions to help physicians prioritize life threatening cases and improve patient outcomes. Aidoc’s solutions are in use in over 900 hospitals including the leading health systems in the US. Aidoc is funded by top VCs, having raised more than $140 million to date, and was chosen as one of TIME’s 50 most genius companies. 

The Medical Data Research Team is responsible for the exciting and challenging intersection between clinical and data analysis. From facilitating data-driven product decisions, maximizing the clinical significance of Aidoc’s products, to demonstrating Aidoc’s tremendous clinical value. This is achieved through clinical evidence research studies, algorithm performance evaluations, and more.

About this role

  • Medical Data Interpreters learn and master the skill of textual and visual interpretation, in the medical field, by gaining vast medical knowledge and clinical understanding.
  • You will have an active part in the AI performance evaluation process, by interpreting complex medical data, which will enable achieving a deep understanding of the algorithms’ performance, strengths and weaknesses.
  • You will join a team of sharp Medical Data Interpreters in a hard-working environment, and master the fields of medical data interpretation.


  • An ambitious individual with high learning skills and great interest in the medical world and willing to dive into new subjects.
  • A proactive person, impact-oriented, to guide medical R&D, and product decisions.
  • Experience in a dynamic and fast-paced work environment with strict deadlines
  • High-level proficiency in English
  • Available for a full-time position, for the next 1.5 years.
  • Experience with data or visual interpretation – advantage
  • Optional – Working in shifts – Including nights and weekends

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