Industry Experts Discuss AI Adoption and Implementation

KLAS Research’ recent report on “Artificial Intelligence in Imaging 2020” addresses both the opportunities and the challenges of AI adoption and focuses on best practices related to AI deployment and clinical usage.

We hosted a live Q&A webinar panel moderated by Monique Rasband, Vice President of Imaging Informatics & Oncology, KLAS Research and which featured Dr. Max Rosen, Chair of Radiology at UMass Memorial Medical Center and Dr. Samir Shah, VP of Clinical Operations for Radiology Partners.

Here are some of the key takeaways from a great panel discussion:

Selecting an AI vendor – the ability to seamlessly integrate with your PACS system is critical. Select a vendor that can work with IT departments and different PACS whilst understanding the needs of radiologists.

Successful implementation – the ability to assess AI value as it is pertinent to your environment is key. The basis for building trust in an algorithm is starting with setting KPIs during implementation. For example, 90% accuracy is probably not good enough. In addition, each organization needs to consider how it will address misses and discrepancies identified by algorithms for example, integration into the peer learning process.

Key areas to watch out for – There is a lot of interest from the community in using AI, it has the potential to act as a safety net and also reflects well on the facility using it by showcasing adoption of the latest technologies. We can expect wider adoption in the near future.

To view the full recording, please click here.

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