Reduce leakage with Patient Management System

Introducing Aidoc’s Patient Management Solution

Patient management is the safety net, and our patient follow-up system ensures that patients requiring follow-up for incidental or non-urgent conditions are identified, captured and followed.
The solution mines the radiology report searching for confirmed findings. For each confirmed finding, we review the EHR, assess risk by analyzing relevant clinical factors, and facilitate follow-up. Nurses and schedulers within specialty clinics are notified of patients requiring care and can easily connect with primary care providers or directly with patients to schedule an office visit.

Uniquely Capable of Capturing the Patients Clinics Need to See

Image-based AI improves the triage and capture of incidental findings*

Text-based AI mines radiology reports and extracts only confirmed findings

Deep FHIR integration comprehensively reviews clinical notes and labs to provide an actionable list of risk-stratified patients

Removal of patients who do not require care

Message PCPs and patients directly with Epic In Basket and MyChart integrations

Empowering Care Teams with Seamless, Actionable Insights

Delivered through the company’s exclusive aiOS™, Aidoc’s Patient Management empowers teams with actionable insights and tools for ongoing management.
  • View patients in a sortable and filterable list.
  • Work efficiently with EHR clinical context using Aidoc’s FHIR integration.
  • Access patient radiology reports within dashboard.
  • Review clinical information and radiologist impression.
  • Move patients along care funnel to ensure continuation of care and follow-up.

Reduce Leakage, Increase Clinic Volume, Facilitate Appropriate Interventions and Improve Outcomes

With AI automation, the potential increases for retaining a patient for clinically-appropriate interventions, whether advanced imaging, medication management or procedures. Explore current pathologies supported by Aidoc’s Patient Management solution.

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*Aidoc’s patient management solution is a text-based AI solution that is separate from the image-based AI solutions.