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Empowering Breast Cancer Detection: Aidoc's Partnership with ScreenPoint Medical

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time to reflect on progress made in the fight against breast cancer and the remarkable innovations that continue to shape the field of early detection. 

This year, we are proud to spotlight our partnership with ScreenPoint Medical, a leader in breast AI, whose groundbreaking Transpara™ technology runs seamlessly on Aidoc’s platform, the aiOS™

ScreenPoint Medical is revolutionizing breast cancer awareness with AI and building trust in three areas critical to broader adoption: workflow, confidence and results.

Workflow: Streamlining Radiologist Efficiency

For AI to be effective, an efficient workflow is essential, especially in the context of breast cancer screenings, which are some of the largest imaging studies acquired in radiology, with tremendous amounts of data, and variability in patient characteristics, acquisition characteristics and urgency. Sites can even have a wide range of gantry types or gantry manufacturers. Being able to provide a consistent reading workflow in the face of variability is key to mammography work. This highlights the criticality of vendor-neutral, seamless AI integrations. 

A recent randomized controlled trial (MASAI by Lang) found that Transpara’s flexibility with both 2D and 3D mammography decreased radiologist workload by 44%, allowing them to process more screening studies efficiently. In regions facing a shortage of radiologists, this efficiency is a game-changer, ensuring that more screening studies are reviewed, ultimately leading patients through the workflow quicker – regardless if results are positive or negative for suspected breast cancer.

Confidence: Elevating Radiologists’ Disease Awareness

In breast cancer screening, radiologists need unwavering confidence as the smallest cancerous lesion can be as tiny as nine pixels amid billions. This is where an advanced breast AI algorithm, like Transpara, powered by an AI platform that provides end-to-end, always on AI coordination becomes critical.    

The MASAI RCT found that with Transpara’s assistance, radiologists triaged approximately 20% more cancers than with traditional methods. This remarkable achievement led to a substantial increase in disease awareness, from 5.1 to 6.1 in 1,000 cases. Combining workflow efficiency with enhanced confidence allows radiologists to prioritize patient care over exhaustive searches for minuscule cancerous pixels.

Results: Consistency and Collaboration

Another study from Spring 2023 (Koch, et. al) showed that Transpara consistently performed well, regardless of breast density. It maintained an impressive 80-81% sensitivity to cancer across various densities, an outcome particularly vital because dense breast tissue, common in pre-menopausal women, has historically posed challenges for traditional mammography. AI technology bridges this gap, ensuring that potential cancers aren’t overlooked due to dense tissue.

Furthermore, research shows that Transpara identified half of interval cancers — those that develop between screening appointments — at the preceding screening in the most dense breasts. Finding these cancers earlier saves time and resources and can lead to better patient outcomes.

Pioneering the Future of Breast Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a poignant reminder of the importance of early screening for cancer detection. ScreenPoint Medical has made remarkable strides in advancing breast AI technology. The amassed clinical evidence from “in the wild” applications illustrates why Aidoc views them as an ideal partner for expanding AI into women’s health. 

As hospitals navigate the demands and challenges of increasing breast cancer screenings, the ScreenPoint Medical and Aidoc partnership offers radiologists the tools needed to deliver quality patient care with confidence and minimal workflow disruption.

Add ScreenPoint Medical to the aiOS™

Through three unique layers of innovation, Aidoc’s aiOS™ is built to serve as a single interface to unify an entire suite of AI solutions. Existing Aidoc customers can contact their customer success representative to learn about adding Transpara. Not a customer? You can talk to an Aidoc representative or one of our authorized resellers for more information. 

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