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Aidoc and ScreenPoint Medical Announce Partnership to Provide Complete AI Solution for Breast Imaging

Aidoc’s comprehensive AI continues to expand to cover the majority of radiology adult subspecialties

Aidoc, the leading provider of AI for medical imaging, and ScreenPoint Medical, leader of deep learning AI for 2D and 3D mammography, today announced a collaboration which will incorporate ScreenPoint’s capabilities into Aidoc’s platform. Breast imaging specialists will now be able to benefit from one point of access to AI within the existing physician workflow, providing for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Delivering value to nearly 600 medical centers across the globe, Aidoc’s suite of AI solutions enable radiologists to expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care by flagging acute anomalies such as pulmonary embolism, intracranial hemorrhage, and stroke – in real time. Aidoc’s inclusion of a full breast imaging AI solution with mammography and tomosynthesis is a natural next step in the company’s radiology practice-wide offering.

“Taking into consideration IT security, speed, and ease of deployment, we found ScreenPoint Medical to be the ideal partner for Aidoc in the women’s health space,” said Tom Valent, Aidoc’s VP of Business Development. “We look forward to including ScreenPoint products within our robust AI platform, providing value for key clinical use cases as part of a unified and seamless cross-specialty AI experience.”

ScreenPoint’s AI algorithm, Transpara, assists breast radiologists in improving their accuracy for both 2D and 3D mammography,  which can help detect cancers earlier and reduce overall reading time. Transpara’s analysis of 2D and 3D mammography images produces a unique exam score, alerting radiologists when an elevated risk of a malignancy is present in the scan and ensuring that the radiologist will be alerted to cases with elevated risk.

“At ScreenPoint Medical, we focus on early detection in order to improve breast cancer survival rates,” said Nicki Bryan, ScreenPoint’s VP of Sales. “Aidoc has the technical expertise that we need to seamlessly deliver our results at scale to the radiologists that we both serve. We are proud to be included in Aidoc’s robust AI offering, expanding our reach and capabilities.”

About Aidoc

Aidoc is the leading provider of artificial intelligence workflow solutions that support and enhance the impact of physician diagnostic power – helping them expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care. Visit www.aidoc.com for more information.

About ScreenPoint

ScreenPoint Medical is a world leader in the development of innovative machine learning solutions to improve breast cancer screening and diagnosis. Developing the market’s leading AI solution for reading mammograms and breast tomosynthesis, Transpara is available in over 200 clinics in 25 countries. Visit https://www.screenpoint-medical.com for more information.

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