The AI of Choice for Radiologists at RSNA 2021

Continue your AI journey at RSNA. 

Discover Aidoc’s expanded AI platform for all of your enterprise imaging needs, broaden your reach with customized notification solutions, and get a sneak peek at real-life AI performance.

Proven value across the workflow

96 %
Solution accuracy
across multiple facilities

Expedite patient treatment

36.6 %
Improvement in
turnaround time

Global patient imaging impact

Sites utilizing Aidoc's
solutions worldwide

Improve quality of care

12 %
Reduction in
length of stay


Join us daily for live ‘use case of the day’ sessions at RSNA 2021, featuring radiology leaders that use AI today. Learn about the latest AI advances including: AI deployment best practices, AI in clinical practice, care coordination and more.

Elevating Radiology’s Influence with Nina Kottler, MD, MS, Associate CMO, RADIOLOGY PARTNERS

How AI Improves Work-Life Balance: 24 Hours with an Interventional Radiologist

Mythbusters: 5 AI Implementation Myths Debunked

Scientific Posters Sessions at RSNA 2021

Worklist Reprioritization Using Artifical Intelligence Improves Turnaround Times Of Chest CT Examinations Positive For Acute Pulmonary Embolism
AI-CADt Algorithm For Pulmonary Embolism (PE) Detection In Single- And Dual-energy CT Pulmonary Angiography: Performance-Based On PE Location
Clinical Evaluation Of An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm For The Detection Of Incidental Pulmonary Emboli On Routine Contrast-Enhanced Chest CT

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