Debi Taylor, MSN, RN, SCRN

Three Takeaways from SNIS 2023

Recently, I attended the 2023 Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS) annual conference in San Diego, CA. The convention was alive with providers from across the globe who had come together to exchange best practices, new research and patient advocacy programs. As I observed the exchange of information and ideas, three things stood out that support SNIS’s mission – to provide the highest quality of patient care.

1. Providers continue to put their patients first

It was clear starting from Sunday night’s opening event that our neurointerventional providers had arrived to share information about how they could continue to elevate their practice, and proceeding discussions at the Aidoc booth were no exception. With each new provider visit, it became clear that our patient management tool was essential to keeping their patients first and that providers could rest assured that their patients wouldn’t be lost to follow up. These discussions unveiled an industry movement to use AI patient management tools to move healthcare practices towards a more preventive, proactive patient-first environment that will most certainly improve patient outcomes.

2. Investing in our providers improves patient outcomes

Aidoc is committed to investing in our providers to improve patient outcomes. Members of our innovation team, AI consulting team, product development, solution success and marketing converged on San Diego to learn from our innovative partners at the forefront of industry change. Team members held deep dive discussions with providers into topics such as Full Brain Solution technology, expanded CTP perfusion maps and brain aneurysm patient management tool. Our goal is to learn from our providers to evolve existing products while innovating new solutions that support improved provider experiences and patient outcomes.

3. Healthcare leaders are becoming more discerning about AI investments

As AI technology becomes more advanced and commonplace within our healthcare organizations, decision-makers are becoming more discerning about what AI is and is not. Leaders are quickly learning that there are different “generations” of AI technology and how to discern if the organization developing the technology is keeping pace with growing expectations to provide technology that minimizes “human-in-the-loop” manual processes. Healthcare leaders understand the impact of quick turn-around times, ease of product implementation and the advantage of having an AI product platform that is always on. Delivering on all fronts for Aidoc customers largely contributes to the decision to partner with us as their AI enterprise solution.

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Debi Taylor, MSN, RN, SCRN