Our Minnies Acceptance Speech

We’re beyond excited to say our AI operating system (aiOS(™)) has received recognition as the 2022 “Best New Radiology Software” award winner. As is custom for receiving an award, we’ve put together an acceptance speech. But this isn’t just any acceptance speech. This speech is composed of the thoughts of many Aidocees. The voices represented in this speech include members of senior leadership, sales development , customer success, sales and product teams. Thank you to everyone at Aidoc who made this award possible and to AuntMinnie.com for the recognition. We’re incredibly grateful!

It’s an honor to be here today and receive the 2022 Minnies award for Best New Radiology Software. While it’s great to be recognized for our achievements, it’s nothing compared to the gratification we get from supporting our customers in patient care.

We also were recognized for the pulmonary embolism triage and notification solution by the Minnies in 2019. An incredible journey has taken place in the three years since the first award. The space in between these milestone years also summarizes the Aidoc journey quite well to building enterprise-grade AI for healthcare. We discovered that developing an AI solution for PE could enhance the radiologist’s workflow and help them report positive cases more quickly. 

It wasn’t just any solution, but one that enhanced the abilities of sub-specialized radiologists with accuracy while delivering a seamless user experience. Now, three years later, we know that healthcare systems have struggled to acquire and implement transformational AI technology. We not only continued pioneering new AI-driven solutions across multiple service lines, but offered a consistent and real way for hospitals to acquire multiple solutions with a multitude of interaction options, all while maintaining that seamless user experience and technical workflow in mind, all under the aiOS. 

Now for the thank yous: First of all, we’d like to thank the pioneers of healthcare AI since, without AI, no innovation of this kind would be possible. 

We’d like to thank AuntMinnie for allowing us to showcase our aiOS on such a prestigious stage. Knowing that AuntMinnie serves as a one-of-a-kind repository for radiology education, industry news, research and innovation, we take immense honor in being recognized by such a noteworthy publication.

We’d like to thank our partners who believe in our aiOS as a paradigm-shifting technology. You have set the stage that allows us to continue creating and innovating. We feel a deep appreciation for your forethought and willingness to adopt new, cutting-edge technology to improve patient outcomes. You collectively help build the kind of healthcare system we would want to see our loved ones go to for treatment and care.

Last but most certainly not least, we’d like to thank the incredible Aidoc team tirelessly working behind the scenes to get our aiOS to where it is now. That hard work is continually noticed and it’s deeply appreciated.

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