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Why Healthcare Leaders are Seeking Streamlined AI Adoption and Other Takeaways From the Mayo Clinic Platform Conference

Each year the Mayo Clinic Platform brings together healthcare and technology leaders for a two-day event that explores how breakthroughs in technology can help solve the industry’s challenges. As an invitation-only conference, it ensures a safe space to ideate on the future of patient care. 

Demetri Giannikopoulos, Vice President of Innovation, Aidoc, participated in a panel session about next generation clinical decision support. Paired with clinical leaders from Mayo Clinic and technology innovators from K Health and Atropos Health, AI – unsurprisingly – was top of mind. 

From the panel discussions and keynotes to one-on-one conversations, here are three takeaways the Aidocees in attendance took home from the conference:

  • How to streamline AI adoption is top of mind: A significant number of hospital executives shared they were seeking a simplified approach to adoption – a proverbial “easy button.” These leaders aimed to distinguish between pragmatic, market-proven solutions available today and those with potential but still in the visionary stage. All agreed achieving early, straightforward victories in AI adoption would facilitate further progress.
  • Embrace the platform approach: Hemant Taneja, CEO and Managing Director of General Catalyst, a global venture investor, emphasized the necessity for healthcare providers to embrace a platform-oriented mindset. Without it, he said health systems risk succumbing to “death by point solutions,” which hinders the ability to optimize cost structures and increases IT fragmentation.
  • Don’t tell, rather show the value: For AI vendors to make inroads with executives, clearly demonstrating the clinical, operational and financial value from successfully deployed solutions is paramount. Simply providing a list of logos is not enough – these leaders want to see the tangible benefits these partners experienced after implementing your AI. 

Working Together to Transform Healthcare: Aidoc and Mayo Clinic Platform

Since 2020, Mayo Clinic has used Aidoc solutions for triage and notification and care coordination, but now AI clinical decision support will be accessible to even more providers and patients via the Mayo Clinic Platform. The official announcement culminates three years of collaboration between the organizations. 

Ed Simcox, Vice President of Solutions, Mayo Clinic Platform, said: “Aidoc is well positioned to help us overcome many of the typical challenges of AI-based healthcare solutions such as costly, one-off implementations. Removing such barriers allows healthcare providers of any size to deploy AI, to foster better patient outcomes and a better care experience.” 

Aidoc’s aiOS™ serves as the orchestration engine for Mayo Clinic Platform, delivering a true end-to-end AI support to maximize care. Aidoc’s proprietary technology addresses common challenges associated with AI implementation in real-world healthcare settings, including handling unstructured data, optimizing staff capacity, measuring return on investment and overcoming siloed organizational structures.

“I am deeply inspired by Mayo Clinic Platform’s vision to revolutionize care on a grand scale,” said Elad Walach, CEO, Aidoc. “Together, we are on a journey to reshape healthcare as we know it, leveraging the power of AI. Our collective efforts to streamline workflows, elevate patient outcomes and propel the evolution of the healthcare industry will benefit patients and providers alike.”

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