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Aidoc and Mayo Clinic Platform Provide End-to-End AI Support to Maximize Patient Care

Making AI-driven care transformation accessible to healthcare providers

Aidoc, a pioneer in clinical AI technology, and Mayo Clinic Platform are working together to improve care by providing access to Aidoc’s AI technology and platform.

“Aidoc is well positioned to help us overcome many of the typical challenges of AI-based healthcare solutions such as costly, one-off implementations,” said Ed Simcox, Vice President of Solutions, Mayo Clinic Platform. “Removing such barriers allows healthcare providers of any size to deploy AI, to foster better patient outcomes and a better care experience.” 

Aidoc serves as an AI orchestration engine for Mayo Clinic Platform to deliver a true end-to-end AI platform. Unlike strategies that focus solely on a single department or use case, Aidoc’s proprietary aiOS™ provides a unified operating system that seamlessly and effectively operates in various clinical settings, orchestrating multiple AI applications concurrently. Through the power of AI, Aidoc connects medical teams responsible for patient diagnosis, care and treatment with critical data needed to make informed decisions about care interventions and next steps.

“We’re excited about Mayo Clinic Platform’s vision to transform care at scale.” stated Elad Walach, CEO, Aidoc. “Together we are improving clinical workflows, enhancing patient outcomes and driving the evolution of healthcare through the power of AI.”

Mayo Clinic has used Aidoc since 2020, and the collaboration with Mayo Clinic Platform is making AI clinical decision support accessible to more providers and patients. Aidoc’s innovative solutions include:

  • Triage and Notification Algorithms: 13 FDA-cleared algorithms and various partner algorithms that support prioritization of suspected and unsuspected clinical findings.
  • Care Coordination: A mobile app that provides real-time notifications for time-sensitive cases, built-in risk stratification and a mobile imaging viewer. Automatically fed Electronic Health Record (EHR) data improves cross-departmental communication.

Aidoc’s aiOS™ addresses common challenges associated with AI implementation in real-world healthcare settings, including handling unstructured data, optimizing staff capacity, measuring return on investment and overcoming siloed organizational structures.   

Mayo Clinic Platform and Aidoc are committed to AI-driven healthcare innovation. Using their respective expertise and resources, together they are well-positioned to elevate the quality of patient care.

About Mayo Clinic Platform
Founded on Mayo Clinic’s dedication to patient-centered care, Mayo Clinic Platform enables new knowledge, new solutions and new technologies through collaborations with health technology innovators to create a healthier world.

About Aidoc
Aidoc is a pioneering force in clinical AI. We focus on aiding and empowering healthcare teams to optimize patient treatment, which results in improved economic value and clinical outcomes. Our clinically proven AI solutions eliminate silos, increase efficiencies, and improve outcomes by delivering critical information when and where care teams need it, leading to immediate collective action. Built on Aidoc’s proprietary aiOS™, we analyze and aggregate medical data to enable care teams to operationalize the unexpected and work seamlessly with a continued focus on the patient. Used in more than 1,000 medical centers worldwide, Aidoc has the most FDA clearances (13) in clinical AI, and its AI-based solutions cover 75 percent of patient populations, enabling physicians to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Aidoc AI is always on, running in the background to change the foreground. Visit Aidoc.com to see how we are connecting all points of care with always-on AI.

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