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Ariella Shoham

Ariella Shoham is the Vice President of Marketing at Aidoc. Her marketing experience spans over two decades, ranging from startups to public companies. Her skills include marketing communications, product marketing, field marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, public relations and investor relations.

At Aidoc, Ariella defines the company’s go-to-market strategies, product-market fit, and ROI milestones. She contributes to Aidoc’s success through her analytical and methodical approach to marketing, SEO, and sales. She spearheaded the formation of Aidoc’s current marketing team and pitches Aidoc’s product to a multitude of investors, hospitals, and news outlets.

Prior to Aidoc, she worked as Senior Director for Global Marketing at Gemalto, a leading provider of cyber security and software monetization solutions, where she lead a global team to grow Gemalto’s sales and market operations internationally.

Ariella holds a Bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya