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Aidoc aiOS Wins Best New Radiology Software in Minnie Awards

Two-time Minnies winner recognized for its revolutionary operating system, which addresses AI implementation challenges by enabling one unified system to deliver numerous clinical AI applications across native clinical workflows

Aidoc, the leading provider of healthcare AI solutions, was recognized as the 2022 best new radiology software from AuntMinnie.com’s prestigious Minnies Awards. For 22 years, the Minnies have recognized top innovators and pioneers in the field of medical imaging. Aidoc won the Minnies award for its AI operating system (aiOS™), which integrates AI algorithms into customizable clinical workflows, activating physicians across service lines to deliver timely care interventions and next-best actions for the patients they serve.

Aidoc’s aiOS is a proprietary, first-of-its-kind operating system that enables organizations to reliably deploy AI solutions in high volumes and overcome the challenges associated with legacy IT systems and separate physician workflows. The aiOS seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, enabling the scale needed to realize the full potential of AI in healthcare AIdoc’s aiOS is also the only platform integrated into the EHR.

“The challenge for hospitals bringing in AI is integrating it effortlessly into their existing workflows and systems,” shared Elad Walach, co-founder and CEO of Aidoc. “What excites me about our aiOS is that it is truly an enterprise platform. We created it with the focus of helping connect different service lines and meeting the physician where they live – in the workstation, in the PACS, in the EHR or in the mobile. It works within a facility’s existing IT infrastructure and enables systems to talk to each other, taking facilities from a system of records to a system of action and collaboration.” 

Aidoc’s aiOS has also been proven to enable big data analysis and registries in population health studies involving multiple sites. Nature published a first-of-its-kind peer-reviewed study that used a multi-institutional data harvesting (MIDH) method to observe changes in the prevalence of pulmonary embolism on CTPA exams before and during the early COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Researchers from 13 different health systems leveraged the aiOS to access, collect and analyze radiology reports for over 40,000 CT scans breaking the typical challenges of multi-institution data silos.

2022 is the second time Aidoc has been recognized in the Minnies Best New Radiology Software category. The company also received the best new radiology software in 2019 for its triage and notification of suspected pulmonary embolism. Aidoc will showcase its aiOS solution during RSNA – South Hall A, Level 3, where teams can learn how the aiOS addresses many of the AI implementation challenges from system integration and IT alignment to efficiently integrating AI algorithms into existing workflows.   

“Being recognized by industry leaders with the Minnies is a tremendous honor,” added Walach. “We built Aidoc with a focus on radiology and the criticalness of this profession in healthcare. This award illustrates that the innovation we continue to bring forward matters and impacts today’s real challenges.”

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Ariella Shoham