2022 Minnies Award Winner: Best Radiology Software - aiOS™

Are You Maximizing the Value From Your Artificial Intelligence?

According to a survey of U.S. hospitals, 90 percent have an AI strategy in place, yet implementation lags behind with only 34 percent deploying an AI solution.1 Aidoc has overcome some of the most pressing challenges in implementing artificial intelligence for medical imaging at scale, such as unstructured source data and AI orchestration.

The Aidoc aiOS™ is an operating system architected to efficiently integrate AI algorithms into customizable clinical workflows, activating clinicians across service lines to deliver timely care interventions and next-best actions for the patients they serve.

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The Aidoc Difference: Our aiOS™

As the leading force in healthcare AI, we offer the broadest set of clinical AI solutions. Multiple service lines can experience the first true end-to-end AI platform, which means every step in the imaging workflow — from acquisition and algorithm activation to care escalation and patient follow-up – is automatically facilitated by an operating system, the Aidoc aiOS™.

Explore how it helps you get more out of your AI.

  • 1Customized Site Integration

    With seamless integration into your existing IT infrastructure — from PACS and EHRs to scheduling and reporting software — regardless of vendor or location, the Aidoc aiOS™ should be the foundation of any AI implementation.

    It helps you overcome a myriad of AI-specific integration challenges, including data inconsistencies (DICOM header), missing information (contrast, timing, and kernels), time zones, non-standard DICOMs and more. Addressing these challenges at scale, with multiple AI modules running on each case, is key to providing a clinically valid AI solution.

  • 2Always On Orchestration for AI

    Aidoc is the only company that knows to identify all anatomy present in an image. The aiOS™ automatically matches relevant algorithms to the potential pathologies, which enables you to identify both the expected and unexpected.

  • 3Real-Time Workflow Coordination

    Regardless of the number of potential findings during algorithm application, the aiOS™ will route them to fully customizable clinical workflows, activating physicians across service lines to deliver timely care interventions with zero clicks by a radiologist.

  • 4A Platform That Can Adapt To Your Facility’s Evolving Needs

    Because of the aiOS™, our platform allows you to add more AI-powered capabilities with near instantaneous launch from a single deployment point. It is also scalable and actively monitored for continued support and performance.

Aidoc's aiOS™ Wins 'Best New Radiology Software' in Prestigious Minnies Awards

Why Your AI Platform Should be Powered by aiOS™?

There’s no shortage of AI platform vendors who claim increased efficiency and improved outcomes, but only Aidoc has an operating system that automatically powers the process from image acquisition and AI application to patient follow-up.

With aiOS™ Without aiOS™
Always on AI
Coordinate care across service lines
Near instantaneous addition of new AI functionality
Seamless integration into radiology workflow
Ability to integrate into PACS
EHR and scanner-vendor agnostic
Uses AI to automatically flag abnormalities
Automatically applies multiple algorithms
Self-monitoring tools for successful implementation

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“In one month alone, Aidoc flagged 77 patients with acute intracranial hemorrhage.”

Montefiore Nyack Hospital, a leading acute care hospital located in Rockland County, New York, leverages Aidoc’s AI platform powered by aiOS™ to prioritize multiple urgent life-threatening conditions on patient CT scans.

Watch as Evan Kaminer, MD, Director of Radiology and President of the Medical Staff at Montefiore Nyack Hospital, discusses his experience:

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1 Sage Growth Partners. The State of Healthcare Automation. February 2021. Available here.

Subscribe to receive the latest Aidoc news, events and information. We won’t email you more than twice per month.

1 Sage Growth Partners. The State of Healthcare Automation. February 2021. Available here.

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