Transforming stroke care with Always-on AI

Aidoc’s care coordination suite facilitates rapid triage and communication of patients with suspected stroke, alerting appropriately trained medical specialists and speeding access to lifesaving treatment. 

Includes solutions for triage and notification of ICH, VO and M1 LVO by Aidoc*, and CT perfusion by icometrix®

95 %
99 %

for ICH on a data set of 7,112 NCCT

92.3 %
94.9 %

for M1 LVO

*FDA clearance ICH (K180647), VO (K220709) and M1 LVO (K192383)

Key Benefits


Always-on, image-driven alerts within minutes of the scan


Highly accurate notification of both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke directly into the clinical workflow


AI-driven workflow from spoke to hub, creating a standardized imaging system for expedited decision-making

Proven Value

Stroke is the ultimate time-critical condition. The faster we can identify, diagnose and treat it, the better the outcome for patients.

Aidoc’s comprehensive stroke package flags both large vessel occlusion and hemorrhages inside our existing workflows, ensuring we can diagnose stroke faster and decide on the best course of treatment. We’re already seeing how this has a positive impact on department efficiency and patient length of stay.

Dr. Marcel Maya

Co-Chair Department of Imaging
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

This has the potential to set the bar on patient outcomes and patient safety – the combination of people and machines is so much better than people on their own and the use of AI can truly transform how we deliver patient care and radiologist support.

Dr. Peter Lafferty

Chief of Physician Integration

Notifications across the entire clinical workflow

Aidoc’s care coordination suite offers the most comprehensive integrations into the clinical workflow, with notifications made easily available on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Care coordination at your fingertips

AI triage of patients covering the entire stroke workflow, with convenient viewing access to NCCT, CTA and CTP exams

Tested, Tried and Vetted

Showing value across health networks, radiology groups and hospitals worldwide

In use at 1 in 10 of all care facilities across the United States.

AI has to be seamless and part of the clinical workflow.

Improving patient outcomes across health networks.

Reduction in inpatient length of stay for patients with positive ICH by

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