A New Paradigm for AI in Stroke: Real-World Use of a Full Brain Solution

The history of stroke treatment has evolved significantly over the years, reflecting advancements in medical understanding and technology. Advancements in endovascular procedures, infrastructure and public awareness have played a crucial role in stroke treatment. The evolution of stroke treatment reflects a journey from limited options and understanding to a more nuanced and effective approach today.

Ongoing research and technological innovations continue to shape the landscape of stroke care, offering hope for further improvements in outcomes and quality of life for individuals affected by strokes. In just the last decade, neuroartificial intelligence has evolved from just image viewing and email communication to a fully mobile solution leveraging high-performing AI algorithms and acute care coordination.

This session:

  • Provides an overview of Aidoc’s next-generation neuro AI that offers a comprehensive stroke solution for the full brain vs. M1 only
  • Explores Aidoc’s always-on AI and radiology-driven workflow increases patient capture and the ability to find the unexpected
  • Discusses real-world experience and its impact on patients from a physician’s perspective


  • Rajesh Rangaswamy, MD, Medical Director, NeuroInterventional Service, Reno Radiological Associates/Renown Health
  • Laci Costa, Director, Aidoc

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