Beyond the Hype - AI in Radiology Practice with Dr. Paul Chang, Vice Chair Radiology at the University of Chicago Medicine

The Aidoc team recently hosted a complimentary webinar featuring Paul Chang, M.D. FSIIM, Professor & Vice-chair radiology informatics at the University of Chicago – titled “Beyond the hype – AI in practice”  – how are AI solutions actually going to help radiologists provide better care. 

Much has been said about AI and the impact it will have on the world in general and on the field of radiology in particular, but how can we implement AI in practice? What are the ways in which AI is going to integrate within the workflow and where do we expect to see AI in the near future.

Dr. Chang starts off the session by touching on the “hype” surrounding AI for radiology, with a claim that we’re essentially “beyond the fear of radiologists becoming obsolete”, and that this fear is becoming increasingly recognized as unrealistic and overstated.

“The role of radiologists will most certainly change as they learn to consume AI so they can go up the value chain, which will enable them to provide more valuable treatment for patients and referring colleagues” states Dr. Chang. “We need some help, from advanced IT including AI. Right now, my sense is many of us are barely hanging on doing what we’re doing now. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place – with the expectation of providing added value to our patients, but at the same time reduce costs. This is a very difficult thing to do, but when you look at other industries, without exception they use advanced IT including machine learning in order to achieve this.”

Additional topics covered in the session are:

  • The unexpected places where AI can bring value in the radiology workflow
  • Complexities, and importance of deep workflow integration
  • How to prep your department for the arrival of AI
  • How “always-on” AI works in a clinical setting

Ask the Experts is a quarterly webcast series introducing new trends and real use cases in the world of AI and Radiology.

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