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UKIO 2024 Wrap-Up: Mike Burns and AXREM on AI and the Future of Healthcare

The Aidoc team has recently returned from the UKIO 2024 conference in Liverpool, the UK’s largest event for the radiology community. This gathering brought together industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and technology innovators, driving vibrant discussions about how solutions such as Aidoc’s AI can support UK radiologists in addressing critical challenges such as workforce shortages and increasing demand for services.

UKIO 2024 Highlights

A highlight of UKIO 2024 was the exchange of ideas captured in the latest episode of AXREM Insights, “Innovating Healthcare: Live Insights from UKIO 2024.” Hosted by Melanie Johnson and Sally Edgington, this episode features interviews with several key AXREM members, including Aidoc, offering valuable insights on the advancements and challenges within the industry.

Among the notable voices, Mike Burns, Aidoc’s UK and Ireland Sales Director, delivered particularly impactful insights. At Aidoc, Mike is dedicated to helping hospitals leverage AI to address some of the NHS’s most pressing challenges. He passionately discussed how AI can enhance efficiency and reduce patient length of stay, underscoring the technology’s potential to deliver meaningful impact to radiology departments.

When asked how Aidoc’s technology can help healthcare professionals of the future and impact the NHS workforce, Mike’s response was clear:

“The NHS is full. Anything that can help get patients through quicker, in particular reducing length of stay, is key going forward.”

This sentiment underscores the urgent need for innovative solutions to streamline patient care and alleviate the pressures on NHS resources.

We think the AXREM Insights podcast perfectly encapsulates the spirit of UKIO 2024—celebrating innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in healthcare. As the conference concludes, the industry looks forward to the continued integration of these technologies to overcome healthcare challenges and improve patient outcomes across the UK.

For more detailed insights and to hear Mike Burns’ full conversation, listen to the AXREM Insights podcast:


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Nicola Emery