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Top Social Media Hits of 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, we’ve been actively exploring new frontiers in medical imaging and artificial intelligence (AI). As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s reflect on our noteworthy social media moments, each highlighting a noteworthy moment in our journey to reshape healthcare.

1. European Healthcare Pioneers Visit Aidoc

A visit from Europe’s healthcare pioneers marked a significant step forward in encouraging the adoption of AI in clinical care. The post celebrated the signing of the first aiOS enterprise agreement in Europe with UZ Brussel.

2. Introducing Full Brain Solution

Our suite of solutions expanded with the Full Brain Solution, a breakthrough in healthcare AI, and a crucial advancement in stroke care. Dr. Brian Mason emphasized its transformative impact on patient outcomes by identifying both large and medium vessel occlusions.

3. Day 1 at SIIM ’23

Our first day at SIIM 2023 showcased meaningful engagement with healthcare professionals. The post provided key takeaways from our enterprise AI experts, shedding light on the benefits healthcare AI brings to clinicians and the integration process.

4. RSNA 2023 Recap

RSNA served as a platform to share insights gained from conversations with visionaries in radiology. The three main takeaways highlighted AI’s growing role as the standard of care in radiology practice, radiology’s leadership in demonstrating AI’s clinical value and the consolidation of AI into a platform approach.

5. Foundation Model Investment

Closing the year on a strong note, we shared details about our Imaging Foundation Model. This post delved into how the investment in this foundation model enables quicker creation of robust imaging algorithms, addresses a broad spectrum of medical conditions, and establishes new benchmarks for accuracy in medical imaging AI.

In 2023, our social media presence not only chronicled our progress as a company, but also underscored the growing buy-in when it comes to enterprise-wide AI. As we look ahead to 2024, it’s increasingly evident that we will continue playing a significant role in advancing clinical AI adoption. 

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