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The Six Imperatives of an AI Strategy to Reach Scale

Unlike AI solutions developed and deployed independently, an AI-based operating system (aiOS™) provides a unified framework that meets enterprise-wide requirements for scalability. 

A platform approach expands AI strategy beyond individual algorithms, enables growth with a health system’s evolving patient care needs, facilitates change management and establishes a robust governance framework.

How an AI platform helps health systems achieve a scalable AI strategy

An AI platform addresses the critical needs of enterprise healthcare organizations by providing:

  1. Automatic Orchestration: Automated process for reducing the workflow adjustment and administrative burden associated with implementing multiple FDA-cleared AI solutions, creating clinical and financial efficiency without additional processes. 
  2. Seamless Integration: Native integrations into existing systems eliminates duplicative work and minimizes disruptions to existing workflows. This out-of-the-box functionality means all current and future AI solutions are managed through a single connection point.
  3. Security Standards: A consistent security framework ensures all AI solutions deployed within the platform meet the highest standards of data protection and privacy.
  4. Drift Mitigation: A core tenant of AI governance, built-in methods to observe and measure if an AI algorithm’s performance declines over time. This continuous monitoring, mitigation and optimization ensures that AI solutions maintain their accuracy and effectiveness.
  5. Clear Visualization: Synthesizes output from multiple AI solutions into a common, standardized format, enabling clinicians to easily review and interpret results. This unified presentation streamlines decision-making and enhances clinical efficiency.
  6. Flexible Configuration: Workflow options can be customized for each service line and physician. This means radiology and acute care teams can collaborate in real-time to determine next-best actions while sub-acute findings are captured for automated patient follow-up.

As the volume and complexity of AI solutions continues to grow, an AI platform will become even more essential to a successful AI strategy. The Aidoc aiOS™ provides an all-in-one comprehensive framework for managing and optimizing AI investments, ensuring that health systems can fully realize the transformative potential of AI.

By addressing the crucial aspects of scalability, Aidoc’s aiOS™ platform is setting a new standard for AI adoption in healthcare. Learn more about the benefits of the aiOS™

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