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Top 3 Takeaways from RSNA 2023

As the curtains fell on RSNA 2023, it marked not just the end of another successful event but a leap forward in the transformative journey of healthcare technology. We couldn’t be more excited about the conversations we had with over 1,000 attendees about how our AI Operating System (aiOS™) is transforming healthcare!

The presence of AI was unmistakable throughout the event. It extended beyond the 100+ dedicated AI vendor booths into hundreds of additional booths, showcasing the widespread integration of AI across various healthcare service lines. 

The event featured an impressive lineup of over 120 sessions in the AI Showcase and AI Theater that were dedicated exclusively to the many different roles that AI can play in healthcare. A highlight for us was the opportunity to witness several of our customers present their findings on how AI has positively impacted their organizations.

Here are our three key takeaways from RSNA 2023:

1. The Standard of Care

AI is now becoming the standard of care to the point that radiologists really believe that its adoption is necessary to practice at the top of license and to enable them to be the best radiologist they can be.

2. Broadening AI Gospel Within Healthcare

Radiology is now taking on a bigger role in leading the AI-driven health system transformation. Being able to articulate its value in patient care to other players in healthcare is pivotal before widespread adoption accelerates and spreads to other service lines. These players include health system executives and even payors — an important piece in the puzzle — who should also see value in healthcare AI.

3. Consolidation Into Platforms

Health systems are gearing up for a patient care transformation and wider adoption of technologies like AI to support it. They will be looking to partner with a handful of vendors, rather than dozens, seeking more of a one-stop shop for all solutions. What will separate the platforms is the ability to intelligently orchestrate the different AI solutions under one health system infrastructure — a very tall order to do so successfully. What’s more is that vendors whose platforms reduce the integration burden the most will also help them prevail.

Bonus: The Abundance of AI Options

A consistent theme emerged at RSNA 2023: The bewildering complexity resulting from a myriad of vendors, each employing AI to tackle a wide spectrum of challenges in the patient healthcare experience. This multitude of solutions, while innovative, presents a labyrinth of options for healthcare professionals, highlighting the urgent need for more cohesive, integrated AI-driven solutions. 

Aidoc’s holistic approach not only simplifies the integration of AI into healthcare practices, but also ensures a more coordinated, patient-centric care pathway. Learn more about our platform here. 

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