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Revolutionizing Brain Aneurysm Management with Next-Generation AI

The Challenge of Brain Aneurysm Treatment

Aneurysms are potentially life-threatening vascular abnormalities that require swift and accurate detection for timely intervention. Traditionally, radiologists have been responsible for analyzing imaging to identify aneurysms, and care teams are responsible for ensuring that patients with aneurysms are notified and receive the follow-up they need. However, this manual approach is not optimal as brain aneurysms can be challenging to identify and patients with incidental aneurysm findings are often lost to follow-up.

Always On AI-Powered Analysis

Aidoc’s brain aneurysm imaging AI software flags suspected positive cases by employing advanced, “always on” algorithms that run on CTs with contrast, helping capture both expected and unexpected aneurysms. The AI has been trained on vast datasets of medical images, enabling them to recognize aneurysms across the entire brain. When a suspected case is flagged, the radiologist is notified of the potential presence of the aneurysm.

Image and Text Based AI Ensures Aneurysms Are Followed

Innovation doesn’t stop at imaging analysis like conventional AI solutions. Aidoc uses text-based AI to review radiology reports and identify radiologist-confirmed aneurysms.  Patients with confirmed aneurysms are captured in a dedicated patient management solution that helps to ensure that each patient receives the follow-up they need.

Comprehensive Patient Management

The true power of this technology becomes evident in its ability to facilitate comprehensive follow up. The patient management software acts as a central hub where positive aneurysms are cataloged and stored. From this centralized hub, providers or staff can communicate with other providers, directly to patients, review clinical information and schedule follow-up.

Streamlining Follow-Up and Reducing Leakage

By sending automated reminders to patients and coordinating with healthcare providers, the software ensures that no patient falls through the cracks. This streamlined approach to patient management reduces leakage within the healthcare system and ensures that patients receive the necessary care without unnecessary delays.  

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Andrew Colbert