Navigating the AI Hype Cycle: Aidoc Featured on AWS Health Innovation Podcast

Wonder how Aidoc evolved from the radiology read room to multiple AI subspecialties and solutions across the care continuum?

Recently Aidoc co-founder and CEO Elad Walach was a guest on the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, where he spoke with Guy Spigelman, EMEA lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups at AWS, about a myriad of topics, including Aidoc’s evolution, the digital health revolution and the role mature companies should take in ensuring scalable and successful clinical AI adoption.

As Walach said: “In November 2022, ChatGPT was released, and the world changed – no one can deny that. The opportunity for healthcare AI is massive; two years ago, it wasn’t even a panel topic at many conferences. There’s a danger and opportunity in this because you can go into a winter. The key right now for more mature startups is to focus on education. We have frameworks and experience that can be helpful in developing a strategy. This is the year of AI strategy.”

While the podcast spotlights startups that are advancing the healthcare and life sciences industries with cloud-based computing, the 30-minute interview tackled many topics of interest for those in both healthcare and technology sectors.

Listen to the podcast episode, and then learn more about how Aidoc leverages AWS to power its enterprise-wide clinical AI solutions.

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