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Full Brain Solution Sets New Industry Standard in Neuro AI

In a groundbreaking development for the medical field, Aidoc, a trailblazer in clinical artificial intelligence, has unveiled its game-changing Full Brain Solution. This innovative solution ushers in a new era of stroke care by significantly broadening the scope of anatomical analysis performed by AI. With the capability to identify suspected conditions, this technology goes beyond the norm, facilitating the identification and coordination of care for patients affected by medium vessel occlusions (MeVOs), posterior large vessel occlusions (LVOs), and anterior LVOs.

Advancing Stroke Care with Aidoc’s Full Brain Solution

The unveiling of the Full Brain Solution signifies a remarkable leap forward in medical technology, setting a new standard for patient care. What truly separates this solution is its unprecedented ability to identify suspected posterior and anterior LVOs, as well as MeVOs. These conditions hold immense clinical significance, especially given the alarming prevalence of strokes. In the United States alone, a staggering 795,000 strokes occur each year, with ischemic strokes accounting for a significant 87% of cases. Of these, MeVOs constitute 25-40% and LVOs make up 24-46%. Furthermore, a substantial 20-25% of LVOs manifest as posterior occlusion.1234

With the addition of posterior LVOs and MeVOs to its repertoire, Aidoc’s Full Brain Solution paves the way for expedited access to life-saving therapies for nearly double the number of patients. In fact, research suggests that AI-powered care coordination can slash the time to treatment by almost half, giving more patients a better chance at an improved outcome.5

A Prominent Voice in AI Healthcare Shares His Insights

Brian Mason, MD, an esteemed expert in AI healthcare and Associate Professor of NeuroEndovascular Surgery at the University of Illinois Champaign, emphasized the transformative potential of Aidoc’s innovation. Having witnessed the remarkable success of AI in streamlining care for patients with anterior LVOs, Dr. Mason envisions the Full Brain Solution as a catalyst for broader advancements. He commented, “With Aidoc’s Full Brain Solution, we can now broaden these advancements to benefit a significantly larger patient population, leading to improved care and ultimately better patient outcomes.”

A Comprehensive Solution for Neurovascular Disorders

Beyond its impact on acute ischemic strokes, the Full Brain Solution boasts a multi-faceted approach to stroke management. Leveraging various artificial intelligence technologies, including image-based flagging and prioritization and natural language processing, the solution addresses the needs of patients grappling with intracerebral hemorrhage, subdural hemorrhage and brain aneurysms. This comprehensive approach solidifies the Full Brain Solution as the most holistic neurovascular AI solution available.

Aidoc’s Revolutionary Operating System: Paving the Way for AI Implementation

Aidoc’s proprietary operating system, known as aiOS™, serves as the delivery mechanism for the Full Brain Solution. This system facilitates the reliable deployment of AI solutions on a large scale, effectively overcoming the challenges posed by outdated IT infrastructures and fragmented physician workflows. Seamless integration with existing IT systems is a hallmark of aiOS™, allowing healthcare organizations to harness the full potential of AI. Additionally, Aidoc’s aiOS™ is the only platform that seamlessly interfaces with electronic health records (EHRs).

A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

Elad Walach, CEO, Aidoc, underlined the transformative power of AI in addressing healthcare challenges. He noted, “Our groundbreaking Full Brain Solution is propelling AI into new and needed territories and proving impact to facilities by cutting the time to treatment nearly in half for twice as many patients.” Walach’s vision extends beyond technological innovation, aiming to reshape the lives of a broader patient population and elevate the standard of care, resulting in unprecedented improvements in patient outcomes.

In summary, Aidoc’s Full Brain Solution stands as a trailblazing achievement in the realm of stroke care, redefining industry norms and driving transformative advancements. With its ability to identify a wider array of suspected vessel occlusions and facilitate quicker interventions, this innovation has the potential to revolutionize patient care and outcomes in the field of neurology.

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