Expanding Enterprise AI with Radiology Partners

On April 6th, Aidoc announced a partnership with Radiology Partners, the largest radiology practice in the United States, to offer enterprise AI capabilities to the 3,400 hospitals and healthcare centers in their network. This is a huge deal for us, RP, and the radiology world in general for a few reasons. First, it solidifies Aidoc as the enterprise AI vendor in the market. Second, it enables RP to take the lead in innovative radiology services. And third, it represents a major turning point in making AI the standard of care in clinical practice.

At Aidoc, we’ve been excited about the prospect of a major partnership with RP for a while now. We began working with the practice two years ago and we’re excited that our mutual success has come to fruition. RP ran pilots on three of our algorithms and were primarily focused on 1) do they improve patients outcomes and 2) do they make sense from a financial standpoint. The radiologists and managers at RP quickly saw the value in using AI to augment their radiologists’ workflows, and our strategic alliance naturally followed.

Aidoc as the enterprise AI partner

From the beginning, our intention for Aidoc was to not only be a development company focused on radiology, but to also be a partner that would provide all of a healthcare institution’s medical imaging AI needs. We worked diligently and quickly to bring the most comprehensive suite of triage and notification algorithms to market, with 6 FDA-cleared product lines that cover largest amount of the human body of any developer. We also expanded into the multidisciplinary care space with our new Pulmonary Embolism (PE) Care Coordination tool, enabling specialists across different departments to respond faster, work together more efficiently, and deliver life-saving PE care with the help of AI.

Working with Radiology Partners is a major step in solidifying our position as the leading enterprise AI vendor. With the potential to deploy across RP’s massive network – over 3,400 hospitals – Aidoc is positioned to provide our unparalleled and clinically proven technology to thousands of radiologists across the country. Given that we are in a period of rapid expansion, I am excited that we will be able to continue to provide new triage and notification algorithms and care coordination solutions as we release them in 2021 to RP’s customers.

Radiology Partners is leading innovation in radiology practices

Radiology Partners was founded in 2012, only nine years ago, and is now the largest radiology practice in the United States. They’re not slowing down, either. RP recently announced six new practice partnerships in 2021 alone, in addition to their historic acquisition of MEDNAX in September. They’ve succeeded for a reason: they’re physician-owned and physician-led, with private equity backing. The radiologists that run RP also are leading the charge of AI adoption in radiology. Dr. Nina Kottler, who has worked closely with Aidoc since our pilots at RP, is one such radiologist. As the Associate Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Artificial Intelligence, she is in charge of RP’s AI strategy and ensuring radiologists are correctly trained with and augmented by medical imaging AI. RP’s stellar team of industry leaders like Dr. Kottler are a huge reason, I believe, why RP has been so successful and will remain at the forefront of radiology innovation.

With over 1,500 radiologists on their staff, RP has massive influence on the kinds of innovations the radiology field is exposed to. By using Aidoc as an enterprise AI partner, many radiologists will have the opportunity to work with AI for the first time.

AI as a standard of care in clinical practice

AI has emerged very quickly as a major force in the radiology world. Studies continue to prove real clinical value, associated AI with reducing hospital length of stay, decreasing study turnaround time, and even accelerating emergency room throughput. The massive growth of companies like Aidoc are also testament to the need and effectiveness of this technology. After the inital concerns of “replacement” were quickly abated, many radiologists realized that AI presented a unique opportunity to both improve patient care and advance the field so it can continue to attract high-minded and driven physicians.

Working with Radiology Partners will rapidly expand the use of AI in radiology practices across the United States. I am excited to ultimately provide added clinical value as their enterprise partner. This expansion could even be the catalyst for patients to begin to understand AI, and expect it to eventually be part of the standard of care. It’s probably obvious by now that this new partnership between Aidoc and Radiology Partners really excites me, furthering our commitment to serve real physician needs and deliver a measurable impact on the imaging workflow.

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