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Building the Case: New Evidence on the Benefits of AI-Powered PERTs

At the ninth annual Pulmonary Embolism Symposium, researchers from three leading institutions — University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and University of Chicago — presented studies highlighting the care advantages of utilizing Aidoc in the management of acute pulmonary embolisms. 

On a recent webinar, Aidocee Jake Schauberger hosted Mohammed Zaidan, MD, from UTMB, and Zoran Lasic, MD, from Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, to discuss the patient cases that informed their research. Below, Schauberger gives a high-level overview of the abstracts.

This article from Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology provides additional detail on this groundbreaking research.

Interested in more? View the full on-demand webinar where Dr. Zaiden and Dr. Lasic each describe how their respective facilities are leveraging AI to improve PERT workflows.

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