Aidoc's Cultural Values

There are many reasons to found a startup. But one of the key ones for us was to bring together a group of people who have a similar set of values. We wanted to create a group built on a strong basis of values, that could work together toward a common goal, where everyone could wake up to fight for a cause they believe in.

At Aidoc, we believe that our people and culture are the two most important factors in the company’s success. It is often said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and below you’ll find Aidoc’s values that reflect our culture of growth and success.

People are the most important asset.

We strive to build a company where employees are deeply appreciated and cared for. We want our employees to feel challenged, satisfied, meaningful, appreciated, and loved. We aim to build a company where people stay for the long term.


We view excellence as the drive that makes you feel that if you do something, you should do it well and deliver it with the highest standard possible.

Kaizen (coachability and learning mindset).

Our team members strive to learn from both themselves and others. Yes, we aim high and understand we’ll make plenty of mistakes, but we will learn from them and become stronger. We love doing retros, we love asking and giving feedback. We’re humble and understand there is always room for improvement.

Challenging spirit.

We’re a team of people that like to poke their noses in each other’s business – product in marketing, sales in product, etc… We understand that team thinking is better than going at it alone. We understand that an outsider perspective has a lot of value. We constantly challenge each other to be our best. We invest in transparency even though it’s not easy, as it’s an enabler for thinking together.

Creative effectiveness.

We give ourselves unreasonable challenges and find creative ways to overcome them. We always try to find ways to be better. We love super-creative ideas that will lead us further. We understand that what we’re doing is crazy hard and we need bursts of genius to solve those problems.


We value people who take their work end-to-end, look at their area of responsibility “as their baby,” and constantly think about and implement new ideas. People who take their respective roles seriously, are passionate about making Aidoc succeed, and are committed to making their area in the company work perfectly are the ones driving our success.

Make a good dent in the world.

We’re not just here to make an impact, we’re here to make a positive one. Aidocees are here because they know that at the end of the day what we do matters. We are eagerly waiting for those customer emails and “wow” moments. Yes, we’re not on the front lines, but we understand that every correct notification we send to a physician changes peoples lives forever.

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