We're working with SaferMD to close the loop of AI radiology Medicare payments

It is my honor to announce, that for the first time, AI-based radiology solutions will be able to directly influence MIPS payments.

Through our exciting new partnership with SaferMD, we’re providing a complete AI solution that can both improve clinical performance, as well as reward radiologists with higher scores in the Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payments System (MIPS).

Radiologists can now use Aidoc to report critical results to referring clinicians more rapidly, and earn higher scores on SaferMD’s MIPS quality measures that reflect turnaround performance. This enables them to earn positive payment adjustments for Medicare procedures.

Because SaferMD’s measures are based on urgent results, Aidoc’s impact on quick turnaround can lead to much better outcomes and can even save lives. Together, our combined solutions can translate into positive payments and better care for patients.

The integration of Aidoc and SaferMD’s solutions into the radiology workflow represents a huge leap towards the facilitation of meaningful MIPS metrics that recognize the value of AI-driven imaging solutions for improving patient care and generating financial returns.

This is only the beginning. I can’t wait to see how else we can work toward integrating AI across the industry to positively impact patient care.

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