Ayden Jacob, MD, MSc

Creating the AI Physician: Ethical Considerations & Educational Leaders

This is the fourth and final part of a four-part series, examining the ways in which we can architect “The AI Physician” and bring it to fruition. As the pairing of man and machine has proven to result in noteworthy positive clinical impacts, what steps ought to be taken to educate future physicians about AI for the purpose of improving patient outcomes? Here, we dive into ethical considerations and educational leadership.

Ethical Considerations

There are both legal and ethical implications of integrating AI into healthcare. Fostering awareness of potential ethical issues associated with AI in medicine is a positive consequence of training physicians in AI. Navigating the complexities of bias, oversight, and economic value requires bringing physicians to the table to critically think about how to address these ethical and moral dilemmas. Specifically, physician input can direct AI systems away from bias and towards more robust human oversight by highlighting AI systems’ limitations in a medical setting. Lastly, empowering physicians with basic knowledge of AI enables the entire healthcare team to prioritize patient safety through the recognition of data privacy laws and secure AI systems.

Vendors As Educational Leaders 

The jury is out as to how physicians garner the best educational platform for an AI education. At Aidoc, our goal is not limited to providing health systems with a robust AI experience, but rather to become an integral member of the healthcare team. Each client is allocated a member of our team that trains physicians, residents, fellows and administrators on the utility, function and deployment of AI. From the aperture of a vendor, working alongside doctors as we supply them with cutting edge AI technologies enables us to teach our clients the fundamentals of AI. We are certainly only one part of the broader equation for creating an “AI-physician”, but including industry in the educational paradigm is helpful in augmenting an understanding of AI.

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Ayden Jacob, MD, MSc