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11 Questions for IT to Ask Any AI Vendor

You’ve outlined AI use cases at your facility and determined measurable objectives to map how you expect AI to deliver value. Now it’s time to choose the right AI vendor. 

To be successful, your AI vendor should be a partner, helping you fine-tune strategy and overcome implementation challenges. The company’s enthusiasm and support for your success should not waver after go-live. 

There  is a lot to consider – technical capabilities, company maturity, resources, published evidence, ROI models and cultural fit, and more.

The following questions will give you a sense of how capable an AI vendor is at delivering on all the promises of healthcare AI.

  1. How many FDA cleared algorithms do you have that are actively being used at health systems “in the wild?”
  2. Is there a consistent workflow for both first- and third-party AI algorithms in your AI system?
  3. Do your algorithms run autonomously, or do they require manual intervention?
  4. How do you ensure a clinician is kept at the center of clinical decision making?
  5. How does your system automatically match algorithms to potential findings?
  6. Can you process cases for edge-of-film incidental findings? 
  7. Can suspected findings be sent in real time to all relevant stakeholders across departments and hub and spoke facilities?
  8. What AI solutions are currently available and what’s in production?
  9. What systems do you integrate with out of the box?
  10. Is AI being monitored 24/7 for performance and data drift, and if so, are those issues being addressed proactively by your company?
  11. How long will it take to get up and running?

Here are a few additional resources to help you select the right vendor and prepare for implementation. Looking for step-by-step support to ensure success?

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