Your Always On AI Experts.

People are what drive true success from our solutions. Our customer success team is by your side from day one as your AI advocates and experts.

Maximizing the Impact of AI

The value of AI comes not simply through the technology, but through the people and process changes it enables – that’s where our customer success team comes in. With deep product knowledge and working hand-in-hand with technical resources, our team manages training and measurement to generate a clear understanding of the impact of AI on your organization.

“The first thing that struck me about Aidoc is the passion and tremendous vision that the company already had. It was important to see that we were aligning our expectations and vision with a partner that shares our ethos. And we saw a very humanistic approach in Aidoc.”

Dr. Irena Tocino, Vice Chair of Imaging Informatics, Yale New-Haven Hospital

Your Voice at Aidoc

Your customer success team ensures you are maximizing your return on investment in AI through:

  • Providing training and educational content
  • Defining and tracking metrics for
    • Performance
    • Engagement
    • Value
  • Gathering feedback to constantly improve performance, integration and engagement
  • Supporting clinical research initiatives
  • Driving hospital-wide adoption and workflow enhancements
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Your Success Is Ours

Learn more about the implementation process and the benefits of AI from our partners.

The Lahey Hospital logo

Our tailor-made Implementation with Lahey Hospital and Medical Center suited their needs while giving on-duty radiologists “peace of mind.”

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Dr. Khosla of Yale New Haven Health explains how AI-triggered activations of PE response teams prevented 72% of patients from missing PE consultations.

A doctor analyzing some medical research