Frequently Asked Questions​​


Are Aidoc solutions GDPR and HIPAA compliant?​

Yes, patient privacy is protected as our solutions are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. AI processing is performed on de-identified studies, and no patient health information leaves your premise at any time.

Who uses Aidoc?​

Our solution covers medical conditions prevalent in all settings (ED/Inpatient/Outpatient), including level 1 trauma centers, outpatient imaging centers, teleradiology facilities and more.


What makes Aidoc’s technology unique?

Our technology sets itself apart by combining three unique layers of innovation - a highly accurate algorithmic layer, a robust product layer, and a clinically viable solution layer. These combined three layers culminate to provide value directly in the clinical workflow.

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How does Aidoc integrate with my existing PACS?​

Aidoc has a vendor neutral approach to the market offering an end to end solution with both the AI algorithms and the back-end orchestration. It can be made available as a standalone solution or in collaboration with marketplace, PACS or worklist vendors.


What regulatory approvals do Aidoc’s products have?

Aidoc is one of the few companies with multiple regulatory clearances including US-FDA, AUS-TGA and EU-CE. It's intracranial hemorrhage, vessel occlusion, pulmonary embolism and cervical-spine fracture algorithms are US-FDA (510k) cleared as well as CE-marked and AUS-TGA cleared. In addition, Aidoc’s algorithm for notification and triage of incidental pulmonary embolisms as well as its free-air algorithm and rib fracture are CE-Marked and available under investigational use in the US.


What type of research has been performed on Aidoc’s solutions?

Clinical research has been performed on Aidoc’s solutions spanning across a broad spectrum of institutions varying in size and population diversity. Research conducted has further quantified the positive clinical outcomes from the use of an artificial intelligence tool for prioritization specifically in reducing turnaround time, facilitating peer review and increasing efficiency. Click here to see published clinical studies.


Do I need dedicated hardware to run Aidoc’s solutions?

No, integration is simple and won’t require significant IT time. Most of the setup and maintenance is performed remotely. No additional hardware is required.

How are Aidoc’s algorithms trained?

Aidoc’s healthcare-grade algorithms are trained by some of the leading AI engineers and data scientists in the field of artificial intelligence. Our training set is based upon a diverse collection of annotated CT studies, making it one of the world’s largest databases to date and amongst the most comprehensive in the field.