Elad Walach

Elad Walach is a co-founder and CEO of Aidoc, a healthcare AI startup focused on using deep learning to relieve the bottleneck in medical image diagnosis. He is an expert in AI with visionary business insights in the healthcare space. Since establishing Aidoc in early 2016, Elad has led the company through through 3 rounds of investment raising $60M, driven the commercial availability of 6 product lines: detecting brain hemorrhages, C-spine fractures, large vessel occlusions, free gas in the abdomen, pulmonary embolism and incidental pulmonary embolism, 5 of which are FDA cleared. Under Elad’s leadership, Aidoc has managed to grow it’s install base to 400 global hospitals while growing the company to over 120 employees.

Elad takes pride in remaining an on-the-ground leader for the company and looks for continuous improvement in himself and team. By looking to constantly challenge the status quo of the industry, Aidoc has been able to become a world leader in AI use in radiology.

Elad began his career in the elite Israeli Defense Force technology program “Talpiot”. He led AI research in the Israeli Air Force where he initiated and led several teams focused on machine learning and computer vision projects. Elad holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and published multiple academic papers on deep learning.

Elad is featured in numerous publications and was recently listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Science and Healthcare category. Read here for further information about the company and about this award.


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