Deep Learning in Healthcare – How it’s Changing the Game

deep learning in healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, semantic computing – these terms have been slowly permeating the medical industry for the past few years, bringing with them technology and solutions that are changing the shape of healthcare. Each of these technologies is connected, each one providing something different to the industry and changing how medical […]

Informatics in Radiology – How Informatics in Radiology is Shaping the Future with AI

informatics radiology

The American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII), eloquently describes informatics as the ‘intersection of information science, computer science and healthcare.” It’s the ability to access, understand and use information in healthcare in ways that are far more effective and that enhance services and patient care. It’s also an area that has seen significant innovation and […]

What you need to make the most of ECR 2020

Radiologists are bombarded with innovation, overwhelmed with work and enthusiastic about delivering exceptional patient care. These commitments and attitudes are why the medical industry has become one of the leaders in technology adoption and invention – radiologists want solutions that allow them to achieve more with their expertise while managing overwhelming patient burdens with greater […]

When time matters most: FDA clears Aidoc’s Complete AI Stroke Package

This week, we received FDA clearance for the triage of Large-Vessel Occlusion (LVO) in head CTA scans, completing the commercial availability of our stroke package and further cementing our comprehensive offering of AI solutions (most comprehensive AI triage suite out there). Combined with our previously-cleared module for Intracranial hemorrhage, health institutions are now able to […]

Radiology Residents of the Future: The Intelligence of Tomorrow

residents of the future

Residents from around the world discuss their learning and experiences with artificial intelligence in the radiology profession Artificial intelligence (AI). It has become so much more than a theory in a laboratory, a theoretical idea of what technology and algorithms can do to support medical practitioners as they juggle complex workloads and busy lives. Over […]

Radiology Residents of the Future: Dr. Eric Gray

This series highlights the insights and learnings from medical residents engaged in the use of artificial intelligence for their medical practice AI continues to make inroads into medicine, providing solutions that support medical practitioners in managing complex workloads and busy daily lives. For Dr. Eric Gray, a resident at UCSD San Diego, artificial intelligence is […]

Radiology Residents of the Future: Dr. Komal Chughtai

This series highlights the insights and learnings from radiology l residents engaged in the use of artificial intelligence for their medical practice Artificial intelligence (AI) has become less of a science fiction movie and more of a reliable tool that can support radiology residents in diagnosing more patients, achieving more goals and enhancing their skills. […]

Radiology Residents of the Future: Dr. Atin Saha

This series highlights the insights and learnings from medical residents engaged in the use of artificial intelligence for their medical practice Over the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has slipped into mainstream conversation and application, providing insights that support the radiology profession in managing complex and overpowering workloads. The technology is being constantly refined […]

6 ways to navigate the AI Showcase at RSNA 2019

In just two years, artificial intelligence has gone from a big idea in a small space to global adoption and integration Not so long ago, a small stand stood in the corner of the floor at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. The stand was showcasing the latest in […]

The Future of Medicine with Radiology Decision Support

Technology and innovation are playing an increasingly relevant role in radiology decision support systems The radiology profession is defined by its elegant understanding of complex images and scans, providing in-depth analysis and insights essential in patient care. It is also defined by an increasingly complex landscape that’s faced changes in reimbursements, phenomenally increased workloads, and […]