University Hospitals Transforms Patient Care with Aidoc's AI-Enabled Solutions Across Its Entire Health System

Aidoc aiOS™ integration across 13 hospitals focuses on enhancing clinical outcomes and streamlining workflow with access to 17 FDA-cleared AI algorithms

University Hospitals (UH) has announced a major advancement in its AI strategy with the deployment of Aidoc’s comprehensive AI platform (aiOS™) across 13 of its hospitals and dozens of its outpatient locations. This initiative marks a significant leap forward in leveraging cutting-edge technology for superior patient outcomes.

Driven by a commitment to provide the highest standard of care, UH sought a standardized, hyper-accurate AI platform that could be seamlessly integrated across its network of academic hospitals and outpatient locations. Having utilized AI in various small-scale applications, UH chose to expand its capabilities with Aidoc to empower care teams with the information they need to address some of today’s most pressing medical issues.

Patients at UH will benefit from faster diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions such as pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection, vertebral compression fracture and pneumothorax. When a patient arrives at a UH facility and undergoes a CT scan for an injury or pain, Aidoc’s AI analyzes the scan using its comprehensive algorithms. The technology identifies both expected and unexpected findings, helps physicians prioritize urgent cases and ensures all flagged conditions are reviewed by the care team. Aidoc’s AI facilitates communication between the care team to enhance collaboration and speed up treatment.

Key Benefits of Aidoc for University Hospitals

  • Seamless integration across the entire health network
  • Immediate access to critical patient information
  • Expedited care and improved patient outcomes
  • Access to all 17 FDA-cleared AI algorithms for triage, quantification and care coordination

“Today’s care delivery is incredibly complex, with numerous moving parts,” shared Dr. Donna Plecha, Chair of Radiology at University Hospitals. “Aidoc’s AI technology assists our radiologists in evaluating various patient images, allowing our clinicians to access precise, actionable data quickly. The AI technology enables our care teams be more accurate and efficient leading to even more exceptional care for our patients.” 

The agreement leverages Aidoc’s proprietary aiOS™, a groundbreaking platform that addresses common AI implementation challenges such as integrating with existing IT systems, ensuring EHR compatibility, and managing data and reporting. This comprehensive approach ensures that UH can provide leading-edge care while maintaining operational efficiency and clinical excellence.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with University Hospitals to drive healthcare innovation through our AI solutions,” said Elad Walach, CEO, Aidoc. “University Hospitals’ visionary approach to healthcare and dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology sets a new standard for patient care. UH is not only enhancing care coordination and streamlining workflows but also ensuring every patient receives the precise, timely and exceptional care they deserve. UH’s commitment to medical ingenuity and excellence is truly transformative.” 

By integrating Aidoc’s AI platform, University Hospitals ensures seamless deployment and minimal technical challenges, allowing for a collaborative approach to continuous monitoring and governance. This partnership not only enhances patient safety and care but also enables UH to maintain high standards in AI performance and reliability. Through this collaborative effort, UH can focus more on patient care, ensuring every patient receives the best possible treatment with the aid of AI technology.

About University Hospitals

Founded in 1866, University Hospitals serves the needs of patients through an integrated network of 21 hospitals (including five joint ventures), more than 50 health centers and outpatient facilities, and over 200 physician offices in 16 counties throughout northern Ohio. The system’s flagship quaternary care, academic medical center, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, is affiliated with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University, Oxford University, the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and National Taiwan University College of Medicine. The main campus also includes the UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, ranked among the top children’s hospitals in the nation; UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital, Ohio’s only hospital for women; and UH Seidman Cancer Center, part of the NCI-designated Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. UH is home to some of the most prestigious clinical and research programs in the nation, with more than 3,000 active clinical trials and research studies underway. UH Cleveland Medical Center is perennially among the highest performers in national ranking surveys, including “America’s Best Hospitals” from U.S. News & World Report. UH is also home to 19 Clinical Care Delivery and Research Institutes. UH is one of the largest employers in Northeast Ohio with more than 30,000 employees. Follow UH on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. For more information, visit UHhospitals.org.

About Aidoc

Aidoc is a pioneering force in clinical AI. We focus on aiding and empowering healthcare teams to optimize patient treatment, which results in improved economic value and clinical outcomes. Our clinically proven AI solutions eliminate silos, increase efficiencies, and improve outcomes by delivering critical information when and where care teams need it leading to immediate collective action. Built on Aidoc’s proprietary aiOS™, we analyze and aggregate medical data to enable care teams to operationalize the unexpected and work seamlessly with a continued focus on the patient. Used in more than 1,000 medical centers worldwide, Aidoc has the most FDA clearances (17) in clinical AI and its AI-based solutions cover 75 percent of patient populations, enabling physicians to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Aidoc AI is always on, running in the background to change the foreground. Visit Aidoc.com to see how we are connecting all points of care with always on AI.

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