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Radiology Partners selects Aidoc to accelerate the use of AI as the Standard of Care in Radiology

Partnership can affect as many as 40 million annual exams and is the largest clinical deployment of AI in healthcare

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. and NEW YORK – April 6, 2021Radiology Partners (RP), the leading radiology practice in the U.S., announced today that it has selected Aidoc, the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical imaging, to offer unparalleled AI capabilities to its hospitals and health systems, and to accelerate the adoption of AI as the standard of care in radiology.

“AI has the potential to unlock enormous value for the entire healthcare ecosystem, and I believe our partnership with Aidoc will turn out to be the tipping point for AI in radiology, a medical specialty that has systemic influence on the overall delivery of patient care,” said Rich Whitney, CEO and Chairman for RP. “RP radiologists interpret nearly one in 10 of all imaging studies conducted in the U.S., and we are fast approaching a world in which AI tools serve as critical skill multipliers for physicians, allowing step-function improvements in patient care and clinical outcomes, and reductions in overall healthcare costs.”

Aidoc’s solutions support and enhance the impact of radiologist diagnostic power helping them expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care by flagging acute anomalies in real time. The company helps radiologists improve efficiencies that lead to a reduction of inpatient length-of-stay and time in the emergency department, which results in better care and lower costs for the patient, payer and health system. Aidoc is already integrated into the clinical workflow at hundreds of sites around the world, notifying radiologists on millions of cases and improving turnaround time by over 30%.

“Health systems are coming to realize that they need an enterprise approach to AI and that it will become impossible to adopt fragmented, niche AI solutions for every subspecialty,” said Elad Walach, CEO and Co-founder of Aidoc. “Over the past four years, we’ve developed the most comprehensive acute AI suite on the market. We doubled the number of products last year and will double the portfolio again this year. A partnership between the clear leader in imaging AI and the dominant player in radiology physician services will accelerate adoption and establish an exciting new standard of care in the radiology field.”

As AI increasingly becomes integrated into the radiologists’ practice, ensuring that the technology accounts for a diverse patient population is critical to providing appropriate care. Aidoc developers were mindful of potential bias risk and trained the platform using the most complex, heterogenous and geographically diverse data available as a means to combat such limitations. The partnership with RP offers the opportunity to develop and continually refine tools across a heterogeneous portfolio of care sites across 30 states, the largest collection of real-world radiology data available in the U.S.     

“The adoption of AI promises to deliver better clinical outcomes and save lives. And while we have deep experience with AI and integrated machine learning, we knew we needed an expert partner to propel our capabilities into the future,” said Dr. Nina Kottler, RP’s Associate Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Artificial Intelligence. “With a priority on enhancing patient care while improving the physician experience, Aidoc’s ability to demonstrate value in our complex and highly diverse population provided the confidence we needed to forge this alliance. I am confident our collaboration will further the transformation of radiology.”

In addition to the broad implementation, as partners, RP and Aidoc will develop new clinical programs and AI-based radiology services to broaden the impact of AI in clinical care. Other areas of collaboration will include real-world data, post-market surveillance, marketing, distribution and physician education, training and feedback. 

RP was represented by Sidley Austin LLP and Aidoc was represented by Meitar.

About Aidoc

Aidoc is the leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions that support and enhance the impact of radiologist diagnostic power helping them expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care. The company’s solutions reduce turnaround time and increase quality and efficiency by flagging acute anomalies in real time. These acute anomalies include (but are not limited to) ICH, LVO, PE, C-spine fractures, incidental PE and intraabdominal free air – all of which are commercially in use and FDA cleared. The company offers the broadest integration into the clinical workflow, providing care collaboration tools for radiology as well as multidisciplinary teams including Stroke and PE response teams. Aidoc’s “Always-on” AI acts as a safety net running behind the scenes and can cut the time from scan to diagnosis for some patients from hours to under five minutes, speeding up treatment and improving prognosis. Aidoc’s solutions are currently deployed at over 500 leading medical centers in the U.S. and worldwide. Connect with us at @aidocmed.

About Radiology Partners

Radiology Partners is the largest radiology practice in the U.S., serving more than 3,400 hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the nation. As a physician-led and physician-owned practice, our mission is to transform radiology by innovating across clinical value, technology, service and economics, while elevating the role of radiology and radiologists in healthcare. Using a proven healthcare services model, Radiology Partners provides consistent, high quality care to patients, while delivering enhanced value to the hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and referring physicians we serve. Learn more at https://www.radpartners.com/ and connect with us at @Rad_Partners.

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