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Everlight Radiology Introduces New Aidoc AI Algorithm for Flagging and Triaging Cervical Spine Fractures

Everlight Radiology, a global leader in teleradiology services, today announces the successful integration of a new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm into its workflow, designed to flag and triage suspected positive cases of cervical spine fractures for the radiologist. This groundbreaking development is the result of a continued partnership with Aidoc, a renowned innovator in healthcare AI-powered radiology solutions, including for medical imaging.

Building on the success of three previously implemented aiOSTM and AI solutions for Intracranial Haemorrhage, Pulmonary Embolism (PE), and Incidental PE, the addition of the cervical spine fracture AI solution further enhances Everlight Radiology’s commitment to providing exceptional patient care through cutting-edge technology and supporting NHS Trusts.

Aidoc’s algorithms seamlessly operate in the background, augmenting radiologists’ expertise by promptly identifying suspected positive findings and notifying the radiologist immediately to triage the case. The algorithms’ consistent performances are maintained through the sophisticated AI operating system (aiOSTM), which orchestrates numerous AI solutions simultaneously in the background. This system ensures imaging review algorithms are applied to the right scans for analysis and suspected positive cases are flagged appropriately for radiologist review and diagnosis in a timely manner. 

The integration of the cervical spine fracture flagging and triage algorithm will significantly assist Everlight Radiology’s dedicated team of radiologists in appropriately triaging suspected positive cases swiftly reporting and accurately interpreting medical images, optimising workflow efficiency, and facilitating more rapid decision-making. This new addition further solidifies Everlight Radiology’s position at the forefront of innovation in teleradiology.

Rob Anderson, Global CEO of Everlight Radiology, expressed his enthusiasm for the continued partnership with Aidoc, stating, “Aidoc is a true partner and innovator. From the start, they have always provided us with thoughtful advice on how to best utilise their tools in our unique telerad environment. We’ve used this technology to support the over 350 NHS hospital sites we work with.  They consistently go above and beyond by delving deep into statistics to provide comprehensive explanations and solutions. Moreover, we have always had direct access to their senior leadership, who possess an exceptional understanding of our specific needs.”

Looking ahead, Everlight Radiology anticipates the introduction of two additional medical imaging AI solutions, Large Vessel Occlusion and Rib Fractures, as part of its ongoing collaboration with Aidoc. These future implementations are expected to further enhance Everlight Radiology’s diagnostic capabilities and improve patient outcomes.

About Everlight Radiology

Everlight Radiology is a leading global provider of teleradiology services, committed to delivering exceptional diagnostic reporting to healthcare organizations around the world. With a team of highly skilled radiologists supported by innovative technology, Everlight Radiology ensures accurate and timely interpretations of medical images, optimizing patient care across multiple specialties. Our global network of radiologists means our service can Follow The Sun, providing 24/7 critical care without requiring any of our radiologists to work an overnight shift. 

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