Essen University Hospital is the leading AI reference center in Germany

Essen University Hospital (UK Essen) implements six innovative AI applications from Aidoc as part of a three-year partnership 

Aidoc today announces a strategic partnership with Essen University Hospital (UK Essen), a pioneer in the field of German healthcare innovation. This marks a significant milestone as UK Essen becomes the first university hospital in Germany to implement Aidoc’s pioneering AI solutions. Through this innovative collaboration, UK Essen consolidates its position as a leading institution in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve healthcare for its patients.

As part of a three-year partnership, UK Essen has implemented six AI algorithms from Aidoc that provide notification and support the prioritisation of acute pathologies. These algorithms notify radiologists of suspected positive cases of pulmonary embolism, brain aneurysms, spinal and rib fractures and free gas in the abdomen. These solutions, delivered via Aidoc’s award-winning aiOS™ platform, aim to speed up patient treatment and improve the experience of healthcare professionals.  

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Forsting, Director of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology at Essen University Hospital, was delighted: “Our collaboration with Aidoc marks a significant step in our mission to maximise the potential of AI in healthcare. Aidoc’s AI solutions support our clinicians in prioritising urgent patient cases, improving workflows and overall quality of care. Our ongoing research studies, particularly with the Aidoc algorithm for brain aneurysms, demonstrate our commitment to identifying tangible benefits for patients.”

A recently published study found that 76.7% of German radiologists suffer from burnout due to increased workload, suboptimal working conditions and decreasing job satisfaction (1). UK Essen’s choice of Aidoc’s AI platform underlines its commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable working environment. By introducing such innovative solutions, UK Essen is not only prioritising the well-being of its employees, but also improving patient outcomes.

Alexander Böhmcker, VP Europe at Aidoc, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our partnership with the University Medical Center Essen marks an important milestone on the way to making AI the standard in the healthcare sector in Germany too. Essen has a leading role in Germany in the evaluation, implementation and in-house development of AI applications. We hope that our success here will inspire other German hospitals to follow suit and implement similar innovative solutions to improve healthcare.”


  1. Bastian, M. B., Fröhlich, L., Wessendorf, J., Scheschenja, M., König, A. M., Jedelska, J., & Mahnken, A. H. (2024). Prevalence of burnout among German radiologists: a call to action. European radiology

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