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'Time is Brain': Aidoc releases complete AI package to speed identification and treatment of stroke

New LVO module cements solution to identify and triage ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes

Aidoc, leading provider of AI solutions to radiologists, today announced the release of its complete AI package for the identification and triage of stroke in CT scans. The CE-marked solution flags and prioritizes vascular occlusions which result in both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, cementing the company’s lead in regulatory clearances for deep learning solutions in radiology and continuing its mission to make AI standard of care. The stroke package, comprising the new CE-marked Large-Vessel Occlusion AI module and Aidoc’s already FDA-cleared and CE-marked intracranial hemorrhage AI module reduces “door-to-needle” time for patients suffering from stroke, improving outcomes and saving lives.

Dr. Eyal Morag, MD, Medical Director of Aidoc, said “When creating an AI solution for stroke, it’s all about providing solutions where time matters most. Aidoc augments the radiologist’s workflow with life-saving technology, assuring medical providers that there are no delays in treatment for patients suffering from a stroke – be it hemorrhagic or ischemic.”

Aidoc’s complete stroke package ensures that both ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke sufferers are prioritized in worklists immediately. The “always-on” technology analyzes patient scans continuously in the background providing a substantial impact on time to treatment so that a specialist stroke team can act promptly. This prioritization is already showing value in academic facilities as well as smaller institutions, where fast detection means patients can be taken to a stroke center in time to save their lives.

15 million people suffer stroke worldwide each year, according to The World Health Organization estimates, of which five million die and another five million suffer permanent disability. The number of stroke victims is increasing in developed countries due to the aging population. Rapid treatment of stroke is vital to improving outcomes, as summed up by the medical saying, “time is brain”; for example, the American Stroke Association and American Heart Association run a joint program focused on improving ischemic stroke care by reducing “door-to-needle” time, the time from detection of a stroke to treatment to remove the blood clot.

AI is rapidly becoming standard-of-care for radiology, with Aidoc installed at over 300 medical centers worldwide. With the new stroke package, Aidoc continuing to build towards a comprehensive, full-body AI solution for radiologists; solutions for flagging pulmonary embolism and cervical spine fractures also have regulatory clearance and are in full clinical and commercial use.


About Aidoc:

An early leader in AI healthcare, Aidoc was one of Time Magazine’s 50 Genius Companies of 2018 and its founders were recognized in Forbes’ “30 under 30” list. The company’s solutions reduce turnaround time and increase quality and efficiency by flagging acute anomalies in real-time. Aidoc’s healthcare-grade deep learning algorithms benefit from large quantities of data, making their solutions the most comprehensive in the field, and enabling them to provide diagnostic aid to the broadest set of pathologies. Aidoc is currently deployed at over 300 leading medical centers and has just hit the 1 million mark for total patients reviewed.

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