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Aidoc to further expand its footprint in France by partnering with Deeplink Medical

Aidoc’s solutions will now be available in France through Deeplink Medical’s teleradiology platform, permitting its customer base to have access to its  state of the art  ITIS platform which integrates Aidoc’s AI solutions for detecting critical findings, creating a unique and premium offering for radiologists.

Deeplink Medical provides a teleradiology platform that supports both private and public healthcare institutions in processing emergency and scheduled radiology exams.ITIS optimizes collaboration between healthcare professionals and referring physicians in direct contact with patients by allowing these to receive the opinion of a radiologist located remotely. ITIS thus makes it possible to compensate inequalities of care that exist to due locality. 

“We are excited to be able to soundly integrate Aidoc’s AI solutions onto our platform in order to provide our clients with a premium and innovative teleradiology solution capable of higher qualitative interpretation and automatic prioritization of urgent cases” Hugues Lajoie, CEO of Deeplink Medical.

Aidoc’s algorithms are being used by our partner IMADIS Téléradiologie who perform more than 400 CT scans and MRI exams per day. “We choose Aidoc as the error margin after integration is close to zero – AI augments the human expertise of radiologists and acts as a safety net running in the background effectively creating a system of double reading”.

Aidoc’s AI solutions detect acute abnormalities and prioritize them in the radiology workflow. The company has 6 FDA clearances and 6 CE markings for pathologies such as intracranial hemorrhage, pulmonary embolism and c-spine fractures. The company has undergone a rapid global expansion, now serving more than 400 health centers in five continents and is increasing its presence among teleradiology groups.

Dr. Alexandre Ben Cheikh, radiologist and co-founder of IMADIS Téléradiologie shares that: “Aidoc flagged many subtle, sometimes hard to spot findings. It’s reassuring for teleradiologists to know that Aidoc is always running in the background.”

“We are proud to partner with DeepLink Medical and confident that this new collaboration will follow the success of our partnership with IMADIS Téléradiologie, enabling us to offer a unique and premium service for radiologists across the French market” according to  Jeremy De Sy, Director of European Sales at Aidoc.

About Deeplink Medical:

Based in Lyon, Deeplink Medical was founded in 2014 by a team of radiologists and specializes in the development of software for medical and telemedical management systems for healthcare professionals.  Founded at the initiative of 5 radiologists, Deeplink Medical develops its solutions by combining a deep understanding of the medical world, strong technological capabilities and own pluridisciplinary teams.

Deeplink Medical has more than 50 employees engaged on a daily basis to improve the workload of healthcare professionals by developing tools adapted to their needs. Deeplink Medical  is already deployed in more than 90 healthcare facilities in France and has established itself as a leading provider in radiology and oncology management systems. For more information, please visit: https://www.deeplink-medical.com/

About Aidoc:

A leader in AI healthcare, Aidoc is one of Time Magazine’s 50 Genius Companies and its founders were recognized in Forbes’ “30 under 30” list. The company’s solutions analyze medical imaging to provide the most comprehensive AI offering in the field. Aidoc is used by radiologists worldwide, aiding them in maximizing their clinical performance and expediting patient care. In 2019, Aidoc’s pulmonary embolism solution won the “Best New Radiology Software” Minnie award. Aidoc is currently deployed at over 400 medical facilities around the world. For more information, please visit https://aidoc.wpengine.com.

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