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Aidoc Partners with Gleamer to Expand the Use of AI within Health Systems and Improve X-Ray Imaging Efficiency

Aidoc broadens its X-ray AI offering with Gleamer’s BoneView solution, empowering health systems in the U.S. to address high imaging volumes, across multiple imaging modalities, amid the healthcare labor shortage

May 18, 2022Aidoc, the leading provider of healthcare AI solutions, today announced an agreement with Gleamer, a French medtech company pioneering the use of AI technology in the practice of radiology, to integrate Gleamer’s BoneView solution for X-ray. The onboarding of Gleamer’s AI BoneView X-ray solution expands Aidoc’s venture into the X-ray modality with a recent FDA-clearance for triage and notification of pneumothoraces.

“After receiving our FDA clearance in early March and entering the U.S. commercial market, this partnership with Aidoc is an exciting milestone for our company,” says Christian Allouche, CEO and co-founder of Gleamer. “Considering the existing fatigue and shortages experienced in the U.S. and that fracture interpretation errors can represent up to 24 percent of harmful diagnostic errors seen in the ER, we anticipate that the integration will benefit health systems looking to improve imaging efficiency across all their facilities.”

With the new integration, Aidoc’s AI platform now offers clinicians a tool for assisting in the identification and localization of fractures in limbs, pelvis, thoracic and lumbar spine and rib cage in X-ray images, solidifying Aidoc’s foray into the X-ray space and diversifying Aidoc’s AI offering. Aidoc’s end-to-end AI platform, designed to empower hospitals to seamlessly integrate more AI solutions and orchestrate them across an entire network of facilities, already includes numerous vetted third-party AI vendors—including Imbio, Riverain, Subtle, Icometrix and ScreenPoint.

X-ray accounts for a majority of imaging procedures in hospitals in the U.S., with over 152 million performed annually. Coupled with high imaging volumes, health systems across the U.S. are facing high labor costs due to the “great resignation” of healthcare workers and an on-going shortage of radiologists. Gleamer’s AI solutions have been clinically demonstrated to help reduce the reading time of appendicular X-rays, while also increasing the sensitivity and specificity of radiologist interpretations of appendicular fractures by 8.7% and 4.1%, respectively.

“Considering that bone trauma X-rays account for a high percentage of hospital imaging volume, the integration of Gleamer’s solution is an important step in our mission to provide comprehensive coverage with AI,” says Tom Valent, VP of Business Development at Aidoc. “Powered by the enterprise-grade scalability of our AI platform, Gleamer’s solution is another highly valued addition to our suite of industry-leading AI solutions that, combined, empower health systems to improve patient outcomes across multiple modalities and service lines within the hub-and-spoke model.”

About Aidoc

Aidoc (aidoc.com) is the leading provider of artificial intelligence healthcare solutions that empower physicians to expedite patient treatment and enhance efficiencies. Aidoc’s AI-driven solutions analyze medical images directly after the patient is scanned, suggesting prioritization of time-sensitive pathologies, as well as notifying and activating multidisciplinary teams to reduce turnaround time, shorten length of stay, and improve overall patient outcomes.

About Gleamer

Gleamer’s first globally available AI software, BoneView®, recently received clearance by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration and CE mark class 2a certification in Europe. Studies by world-leading radiologists and academic medical doctors have shown that BoneView improves detection of fractures in X-ray images, providing healthcare professionals with a safe, reliable, time-saving concurrent reading.  Gleamer develops a suite of AI solutions for Radiology that encapsulate medical-grade expertise. The company wants to support imaging users to secure diagnoses for all patients and at all times, while improving efficiency. Gleamer’s AI Companions are directly integrated in the users’ usual reading environment and act as an automated and transparent second reading to improve diagnostic accuracy in X-ray imaging. Gleamer’s solutions are currently being used across 14 countries in more than 300 institutions. For more information: www.gleamer.ai.

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