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Aidoc Showcases Full AI Care Coordination Suite at International Stroke Conference 2022

AI-powered neuroscience solutions for intracranial hemorrhage, ischemic stroke, cervical spine fractures, on display at ISC 2022, New Orleans, February 9-11, Booth #801

New York, February 8, 2022 – Aidoc, the leading provider of healthcare AI solutions, will be delivering a live demonstration of its comprehensive AI care coordination suite at ISC 2022, February 9-11, in New Orleans, Booth #801. Additionally, Aidoc experts will be available to share their perspective on true AI, alongside the immediate and long-term value of a comprehensive AI platform as opposed to siloed, point solutions.

Visitors at the booth will experience firsthand how to overcome the care coordination gap with image-based alerts that are triggered automatically across all devices, enabling the activation of relevant clinical teams within minutes from scan. 

This ability to instantly triage stroke patients, collaborate and communicate at both the spoke and hub stroke center, expedites treatment for high-risk patients, whether they are diagnosed with intracranial hemorrhage, ischemic stroke or cervical spine fractures.

To schedule a meeting with an Aidoc expert at ISC 2022 click here.

Implemented across multiple service lines, Aidoc’s always-on AI platform addresses the enterprise’s overall medical AI needs with:

  • Triage & notification suite – analyzes, suggests prioritization and notifies of findings directly in the physician’s workflow.
  • Care coordination suite – sends AI-driven alerts to the relevant clinical team within minutes after scan and facilitates efficient coordination and communication both on site and between hub and spoke.
  • AI OS (operating system) – scales the use of clinical AI solutions via a curated portfolio of complementary 3rd party AI solutions.

About Aidoc

Aidoc delivers the most comprehensive and widely-used portfolio of AI solutions, supporting providers by flagging patients with suspected critical medical conditions in real-time, expediting patient treatment and improving quality of care. Aidoc’s AI platform is currently used by hospitals, health networks and radiology groups worldwide across multiple service lines. For more information, visit www.aidoc.com.

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Ariella Shoham