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Aidoc and Icometrix Team Up to Transform Stroke Care Coordination

Partnership further expands Aidoc’s AI-based stroke solution, another step in its expansion across the care continuum

Aidoc, leading provider of AI solutions for medical imaging and icometrix, world leader in imaging AI solutions for patients with neurological conditions, announced today a partnership that will provide an AI-based Stroke suite for rapid triage of patients with suspected stroke. The suite will alert physicians facilitating timely communication and speeding access to lifesaving treatment. 

“The future of healthcare AI is partnerships that combine different advanced technologies synergistically into integrated clinical solutions. We’re proud to partner with Aidoc to bring the most advanced end-to-end AI stroke package to patients.” said Jennifer Young, CCO icometrix.

The stroke suite includes Aidoc’s FDA-cleared AI stroke solution for flagging and communication of Large-Vessel Occlusion and Intracranial Hemorrhage, and icometrix’s FDA-cleared icobrain-cva for the analysis of the tissue perfusion state on CT perfusion scans in patients with ischemic stroke. The stroke suite provides cutting-edge AI-powered care coordination with real-time sharing, viewing and chatting. The suite is customizable and can also be provided with Aidoc’s solution for flagging C-Spine Fractures and icometrix’s MS/TBI AI solutions. Aidoc’s investigational solution for notification of Brain Aneurysm is expected to be included in the coming months.

Aidoc released the industry-first solution for the flagging and notification of Intracranial Hemorrhage three years ago, since then it has analyzed over 3 million head CTs and demonstrated its utility in clinical practice in over 500 medical centers. Showing high accuracy and real-world performance, Aidoc’s solutions have shown their ability to aid physicians in reducing alert fatigue and improving overall patient care.

“As a trusted comprehensive enterprise AI partner, many health systems are asking us to expand to more and more of their radiology and multi-disciplinary workflows,” said Demetri Giannikopoulos, Aidoc’s VP of Innovation. “We’ve embraced the challenge and in addition to our recent PE, C-Spine Fracture and ICH Care Coordination solutions, we have now partnered with icometrix to bring the world’s most robust AI stroke solution seamlessly integrated into the workflow of each physician.”

About icometrix

Founded in 2011, icometrix (Leuven, Belgium; Boston, USA) strives for data-driven insights and personalized patient care, supported by artificial intelligence. icometrix offers a portfolio of eight regulatory approved AI solutions to assist healthcare with various challenges; icobrain extracts data from brain MRI and CT scans for the radiological reporting and clinical management of neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, brain trauma, epilepsy, stroke, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. icompanion, a digital platform, and mobile app helps people with MS and their care team to monitor clinical symptoms and treatments efficiently and objectively. icolung was one of the first available AI solution to support clinicians responding to the rapidly evolving needs of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, icometrix is internationally active and integrated into more than 100 clinical practices. In addition, icometrix supports pharmaceutical companies in phase I-III and Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies through imaging and data services, and digital health strategy.

About Aidoc

Aidoc is the leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions that support and enhance the impact of physician diagnostic power – helping them expedite patient treatment and improve quality of care.

Aidoc’s solutions analyze medical images directly after the patient is scanned, notifying and activating physicians within the imaging workflow. Aidoc is committed to improving efficacy and patient outcomes, with broad impact on key metrics such as turnaround time and length of stay. Aidoc’s solutions are being used in over 500 medical facilities worldwide and have provided value to millions of patient scans to date.

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