Headshot of Reut Yalon

Reut Yalon, PhD

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Reut Yalon is the Chief Product Officer at Aidoc, leading Aidoc’s product group and the company’s product strategy. Since joining Aidoc, Reut and her team developed and commercialized dozens of clinical, FDA-cleared products that are widely used daily in healthcare centers around the world, based on a market leading overarching framework that enables rapid deployment of new products to the market. Prior to joining Aidoc, Reut held product positions in medical imaging start-ups, with a passion to build products from ideation to commercialization. Reut received her post-doctorate and PhD degree from the Weizmann Institute of Science, where she developed novel imaging methods for non-invasive prenatal clinical applications. A prolific scientist, Reut authored over 10 scientific papers and two book chapters.