Headshot of Idan Bassuk

Idan Bassuk


Idan Bassuk is the Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Aidoc. Idan has extensive experience in AI, software engineering and management of large-scale technological projects. Since joining Aidoc at its inception, Idan led the company’s efforts to develop and scale algorithms for detection of life-threatening findings in medical images. Idan is responsible for the architecture of Aidoc’s unique infrastructure and methodologies for medical AI at scale. This infrastructure is the engine that enables Aidoc to build solutions for new pathologies every two months. Idan began his career in the elite Israeli Defense Force technology program “Talpiot”, which he graduated with highest honors. Prior to Aidoc, Idan led international cutting-edge technological projects from the stage of a science fiction idea, and into successful products that won the highest Israeli technological award.